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What I've been up to

So, it has been a total SH*! show lately, am I right? With COVID and then the election and all the political stuff. I am tired of it. I really am, but am I ready for my kids to go back to school? Heck no. I absolutely love homeschooling. Yes, it can be challenging some times, and I wish the girls were able to have a normal childhood at school (playground/cafeteria) but since they aren't allowing them to have that kind of fun, why even send them to school? And I truly feel more at peace knowing they're safe at home with me. I'm cherishing these times so much. 

Although I am home, I feel so busy everyday! I've been working the days that the girls are gone with dad. Trying to make that holiday money ;) and then when I get home from work I'm on the computer screen all day editing every photo. I truly enjoy it though. A lot (underline that "a lot") I'll be blogging about all my wonderful clients, before I actually forget haha. 

Any who! Its the new year 2021!! And I feel so good about this year. It's going to be such an awesome year. My goals for this new year are to focus more on the good, get my butt back to church 1-2 times a week and to give my girls more attention ( I always feel is guilty not giving them enough of my time- mom guilt)
I have my photography website up and running and I love it! Here it is in case you missed it.
Anyway, just thought I would stop by and say hi! Here are a few shots from the past few months


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