Bianca Lively: May 2020


Memorial Day Weekend 2020

Our MDW was fun. We did a lot of things outdoors and were able to actually have a semi-normal weekend. Our Starbucks is officially open to the public, but you're not able to actually go inside to relax. You walk in, order and have to leave. But! It's a start and we were so excited about it that we went inside to order. I later took the girls to a big open field to run free and collect pine cones. (Pine cone craft in the making!) We also went on a big family trip to the lake with C. Went on the boat and let the kids have fun in the sun while searching for little baby tadpoles.
It was a great weekend!


One-Piece Bathing Suits

Hey guys! So, I went onto Instagram to ask some of my followers some of their favorite swimsuit websites to buy online! I am super sketch about purchasing online because I love being able to try on the piece of clothing before actually making my purchase. But with the help of some recommendations, I was able to purchase a few and I am LOVING them! I hope this helps some of you! Also, some shops have great deals with memorial weekend! Happy Shopping!

Leopard at Amazon TRUE TO SIZE (wearing a medium) : $19.99 in multiple colors. Linked here

American Flag Amazon TRUE TO SIZE (wearing a medium) : $23- $48 depending on size and color. 
**Flag discontinued, but available in different colors. Linked here

Bright Neon Orange Forever21 SIZE UP (wearing a large) : $27.99 *Color discontinued, but available in Pink and Lime. Linked here

Below I will list a few other shops that have some sales and great swimsuit options for online shopping! 

Target: BOGO deal right now!
Zaful: Under $15 True to size (new members receive 15%off!)
Romwe: Under $15 (some $10) plus Free Shipping!

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