Bianca Lively: Popcorn Snack with Mikaela


Popcorn Snack with Mikaela

When I have a moment alone with one of the kids, I always try to make the best of it. I feel like one-on-one time is so important for them. Not only do you give them 100% of your undivided attention, but you're able to really just focus on them and not share your love with anyone else for just a tiny bit. My love language is quality time, and I love sharing it! 
Mikaela and I decided to have a movie night together and make a fun yummy snack with all of her favorite things. 
Now, take a look and you'll see how easy it is to make! 

Ingredients needed: 
Popcorn, White & Dark Chocolate, Candy, Marshmallows, Dried Fruit, and Sprinkles. 
But really, any of your favorite snacks work. I've used pretzels, beef jerky, cheese cubes (if you wanna make it savory) and many more! Here is another one I usually make for Easter. 

Lay out your popcorn first, then layer the rest of the ingredients! 

Let the melted chocolate cool and after it hardens break it up into pieces and put them in a bowl. 

xoxo, B

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