Okay, so I get it now. As a mom/parent, we never put ourselves first. Like, ever. And I knew that in order to be happy, and feel happy I needed to take care of ME, first. Yes, before my kids. If I'm not whole, and I'm not mentally present, then I can't provide and be the mom that they need, that they want. I'm always trying to find new ways to improve myself in ways that I know will make me feel better. A few of those things have been face masks, warm baths, mani/pedis and my smile! I am crazy about my teeth. It's the first thing I notice when speaking to people, and its the first thing I'm always trying to really take care of. Rather it's them being straight or being white. I love a fearless smile! 
When I got the information with SMILE BRILLIANT I couldn't wait any longer to give them a try. Now, a little bit of my teeth whitening history for ya. I am a big Crest White Strips fan. And although I knew they worked, they just wouldn't stay in place. It truly bothered me. So I thought, why not try this? Why not do this for me?

I received my trays and moldings to make my teeth impressions, and it was CAKE! Mikaela even helped me with the mixing. I mailed them back and received my own personal trays back very quickly! I couldn't wait to try them that very first night. 
The box comes with your impressions, and all of your whitening gel syringes as well as syringes for tooth sensitivity- desensitizing gel which you use a thin layer of AFTER you whiten. Its SO EASY! I mainly did this once I put the kids to bed. The evening is my own alone time to take care of myself. So I would kick back, turn on Netflix with bae, and whiten for 45min-3 hours, depending on how tired I was. 
Now, I am going to be honest. I was definitely a little skeptical about trying this only because I knew my teeth were decently white already, and didn't think they would get any whiter, but boy was I wrong! See my photos for yourself! ;)

I got a lot of questions about what I used, so I want to be able to giveaway a FREE set to one of my followers! That's YOU! All you have to do is tag 2 people on my Instagram account (the more tags, the better!) head on over to this link:  GIVEAWAY LINK and you're done! 
And if you can't wait, I got you! Just use this coupon code: biancalively15  to get you 15% off STORE WIDE. 
Can't wait to continue my fearless smile journey! 

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