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My Tribe Of Five

As many of you now know, I am in a new relationship and have a bigger family to love and take care of. Let me take you back to my high school days for a second. I was always one to befriend all the new kids, the lonely ones, the popular ones. I tried my best to be friends with everyone at school. Being friendly, was my thing. It was our senior year of high school (c/o 2007) and Sean and I both won Best Hair. But I hardly knew anything of this Sean. Besides that he was this skinny tall guy that a lot of people knew.
Fast forward to 2016. The year of my divorce, and the year of Mikaela's birth. Sean and I became Instagram friends again. I had just updated my page, and was ready to just move on with my life. He messaged me in my messages- or more like he was "sliding into my DM's" and asked how I was. We exchanged numbers and texted that entire week. He had asked me what my plans were for the weekend and we both happened to be going to Vegas and met up while out there. I honestly didn't think anything of it. I was just excited to see an old classmate and catch up. He- being the typical guy- was hoping we would hook up, but negative, I didn't even give him that kind of attention. We gambled and talked till 8am the next day and I said my goodbyes and drove all the way back home. During the drive home, I felt so happy. I felt like something with him, was going to be good. Then he texted me and told me he couldn't stop thinking of me and really liked me. My heart was bursting out of my chest. That feeling of, oh my gosh. How can this be happening.. I just had a baby, i'm getting divorced, I just got out of a serious serious, long term relationship that killed me. How can I feel THIS happy. I felt like it was too good to be true. I cried and called my dad and mom in Texas and told them right away what I was feeling. I was confused and happy and sad all at the same time. And what they told me, was to just take it slow. No need to rush anything, and have fun. So, I tried.

A few days later we hung out again, then again and again. We couldn't stop spending time together, we couldn't stop talking to each other. He would drive to Valencia to see me, and I'd drive to Rancho Cucamonga to see him. He has a son, named Travis. I always knew about Travis, because he had him at such a young age, but had never met the little guy. He was 6 years old at the time. I had told Sean ahead of time, that I wouldn't bring the girls around him, and he said the same about his son. He had never introduced his son to any of his girlfriends, and I definitely didn't want to introduce the girls to every guy I was going to date. We both agreed that we wouldn't rush it.
Fast forward again to December 2017. He wanted me to meet Travis. FINALLY. I remember on the way to meeting little Trav, feeling nervous and anxious. This time was actually happening. I was THE ONE Sean wanted to introduce his son too. I threw up on the way, I really did. The nerves were so real. I got there and gave him the biggest hug, told him I've been wanting to meet him for so long and was so glad to be able to spend the rest of the night with him and his dad. We went to watch a hockey game and saw the Kings play and win! It was Travis' first hockey game that he'd gone too, where they won! Made me feel super special to experience that win with him.
Then it was my turn to introduce the girls to Sean. I was terrified. I kept changing my mind because I was so afraid of bringing him into my little girls' lives. Not because I thought he was not the one, but because my girls get attached so strongly to people. I didn't want him to leave and they always remember. But finally, I just did it. I got tickets to Disney on Ice for us and it was such an awesome time! My nerves were gone and I felt so much better knowing it was him, that got to meet my babies. A couple hang outs later, we finally all got together for the first time. I had to document it. Our first time together. Valentines day 2018.

Once all the kids were brought into our relationship, we decided to move in together and start our life together as a family. The best decision I have made. Like any other relationship, we learned a lot about each other. The good, the bad, the clean and the dirty. . And when it comes to our kids, my gosh. WHERE TO BEGIN!!!
I love the person he is with my girls. And watching him father his son, makes my heart extremely happy. He is always teaching them and explains everything to them whenever they ask questions. He plays with them all equally. He asks how their day was, helps them with homework, plays ball outside and wrestles all of them even though he's had the longest day at work. And even has the energy to let me relax and sleep so that he can handle the kids and give me a break. How did I get so lucky? I don't know.. I have prayed for this. Day in and day out. I prayed God would send someone to me that deserved me and I deserved. He is the sweetest, most affection man. Gives me that quality time that I crave daily. Randomly hugs me from behind, kisses me and tells me he loves me. It has taken some challenges-like any other relationship- but the good definitely out weighs the bad by a ton. We didn't get to where we are today just smooth sailing, definitely took some trial and error, but whatever it is we're doing, and this life we're living in, makes it all worth it. I love you Sean! You are my world.


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