Bianca Lively: Christmas 2018 | Family of 5


Christmas 2018 | Family of 5

Our first Christmas together as a family of five was amazing. 

Yes, I said family of FIVE! I know I haven't updated you on my new life with Sean (my boyfriend of almost 2.5 years-ah!) and Travis (his son-my little guy). But I promise, that post is in the works and it's one of my favorite stories yet. Now, I didn't get to see everyone that I wished, but did get to spend it the way we wanted. With our kids. Because after all, thats what it's all about, right? Christmas Eve was crazy. Sean and I felt that we needed to buy our kids more fun things since we mainly got them clothes-such boring parents. SO, to Target we went, on Christmas Eve, THE STRUGGLE. *places hand to forehead*
Originally, we were going to stay home and put the kids to sleep and wrap gifts, but I really wanted to see my dad and that side of the family even though it was so late. The girls got home from their dads house around 7pm. So we headed up the hill shortly after.
And am so glad we went. We got to see my immediate family from my dads side and the kids got to open gifts and lastly, we all got to sing happy birthday to my one and only brother since- Christmas Eve is his actual birthday (poor kid haha). We all had an amazing dinner, loaded up the car with presents and drove back home. Forgetting that Sean and I still had to wrap all those gifts, it was then one am when we got home.
The girls fell asleep in the car so we tucked them into bed and got to wrapping. Finished wrapping all the gifts around 330 am and to bed we went. We literally passed out so fast. Thankfully, the girls slept in till 9am. Sean and I actually got to "sleep in" for Christmas morning. We let the girls open their stockings since big brother Travis was with his momma still. Sean went to pick him up and brought him home around 11am and we got to open all our gifts together. They were happy little children.
I made a big breakfast with French toast, eggs and bacon. OH. MY. This French toast on Pinterest that I found was bomb dot com. Everyone had seconds. That's when you know it's good.
We relaxed the whole day in pj's, the kids rode their new bikes in the front yard, played soccer, tag and had so much fun, besides the fact that Sean accidentally knocked Mikaela to the floor with a soccer ball. Poor baby girl, she is always getting hurt.
Then on the 26th, we spent the day with Seans side of the family. We had an amazing Italian lunch (you all know, Italian food is my weakness) opened gifts and played outside again. I can't begin to tell you, how thankful I am to have an extended family. I love it so much.

The three days of celebrating Jesus, went exactly how we wanted. We ate, we drank, we played and got exactly what we asked Santa for. It was perfect. I am so excited for 2019.

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