Bianca Lively: Pregnancy Style + Pink Blush Maternity (Giveaway)


Pregnancy Style + Pink Blush Maternity (Giveaway)

Being pregnant has always made me feel beautiful.. It's the time of season when I take the most selfies, when I document my whole life which is 99% pregnancy related, and when I eat the healthiest-except for christmas week, but lets not talk about that shall we? Haha. Being pregnant has also challenged me in ways to find a style for myself. It can be hard to dress the bump, especially as it grows and grows. Your clothes start to fit a little tighter, your pants don't want to button up, your shirts start becoming crop-tops. All these things start happening at once, and although its such a beautiful thing growing a baby, it can be hard to find clothes that flatter your body.
I've teamed up with Pink Blush Maternity for your chance to win a $50 gift card to shop their store! Just head on over to my Instagram by clicking HERE and enter to win! Pink Blush Maternity not only carries clothing for the pregnant mamas, but also for the non-pregnant! And all there clothes fits true to size, so if you're normally a size small, it will fit you even if its maternity! The mid-sections stretch as the belly grows, so you don't ever have to go bigger in size. It's truly amazing. They carry dresses, tops, jeans and accessories! Why I didn't find them sooner? I have no clue, but i'm so glad I have them now for my super chic and flattering maternity clothes!
Take a look at this gorgeous Ivory Floral Draped Maternity Maxi Dress that I received from them. It was lightweight, fit snug to my body and I was still able to play around at the park with my 2 year old toddler! The dress fits as my belly grows, and will continue to fit once my belly is gone. Be sure to check out the link to their website HERE.

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