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Healthy Pregnancy

When I was pregnant with Sophia, I had the most active healthy pregnancy the whole entire time. I gained weight at a healthy steady pace, made sure to drink enough water throughout the day, and constantly worked out and ate all healthy foods. This time around, in the beginning I was extremely tired the first about 6 weeks. And definitely didn't take care of myself as much till about halfway through my pregnancy- week 18 to be exact, but who's counting. I wasn't eating terrible, but I wasn't eating the healthiest either. And I definitely wasn't working out. But I guess you can say that chasing after a toddler was my workout for a while.
Once I hit 18 weeks, I decided to make a change. I wanted that healthy active pregnancy again. So I got my garage set up into a gym, got a treadmill and elliptical, and organized all my weights. Since this time I had no time to physically make it to the gym everyday because I have no one to watch Sophia, I had to make my own gym at home. Which I love. Here I've written a few things that I do, to help me stay healthy and active during my pregnancy. Hope this helps some of you!

1. Get at least 20-30 minutes in of a workout. The only time I have to workout, is during Sophia's nap. Since I have breakfast so early before anyone wakes up, I normally have a snack when Sophia has breakfast. She plays a little, then takes a nap. That's then my que to get a quick workout in. I automatically wake up in the mornings and put my workout clothes on so that I have no excuse later on. I start with about 15-20 minutes of cardio always keeping my heart rate around 140, and then work on my lower body, upper or core. Yes, I still workout my core. And no, I don't mean sit ups and crunches, I mean planks, and stretches. Just to keep my core strong and tight. 

2. Outdoor hiking. I try to get out now as much as I can with Sophia. Even if it means going for hikes or walks around the park. But I made a deal with myself that I'd at least go on a hike every other week or every week if I have the time. So hiking has been amazing. Pushing a stroller up a slightly steep mountain with a two year old and a backpack on carrying water, snacks and jackets in case it's cold makes the hiking much harder and better. I've been looking up kid-friends hikes and have found a lot of awesome ones in LA. 

3. Drinking one gallon of water a day. Trying to drink at least a whole gallon a day has been hard, I have to pee every 20 minutes as is, so drinking tons of water makes me pee even more. But water has its benefits and helps with elasticity of the skin which can help with stretch marks, and helps with staying hydrated, especially if you workout. You'll need the extra water. 

4. Eating 5-6 small meals a day. Making sure you get the proper nutrition everyday is so important. You want to have at least 5-6 small meals a day. Especially while the bump grows, you typically start to get less and less room in the belly to eat 3 normal sized meals.. Makes you so full, and in pain.. So eating small meals helps. You're constantly eating, and never starving.

What do you do to help you stay active during pregnancy? I'm always looking for different options!

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