Bianca Lively: 28 Weeks |Num.2|


28 Weeks |Num.2|

How far along: 28 weeks!! We only have 11 weeks to go till my scheduled surgery! 
Gender: Still unknown.. And definitely not giving in to wanting to find out. 
Weight gain: I've gained around 19 pounds. The weight is slowly coming on now, thank god! I was gaining weight so fast those two weeks of Christmas and New Years! 
Maternity clothes: Yes, leggings, workout pants, and new maternity pants only! My shirts I still keep and wear.
Stretch marks: None. Lots of water, slowly gaining, and lots of body butter!
Sleep: My sleep has been awesome. Still getting up at 6am everyday for me time, and getting in a quick workout before Sophia wakes. 
Best moment this month: I took Sophia to have breakfast with the character at Disneyland! It was awesome. We went to Goofy's Kitchen, which I don't recommend doing while pregnant. It's buffet style, so I ate everything I couldn't even fit in my belly. Talk about stomach pains all day.. But it was so worth it dancing with the characters and eating and meeting them all for Sophia. Big smile the whole time. #Success
Worst moment this month: Nothing to crazy or bad this month actually 
Movement: Yup. This little one loves to show us that it's in there! But definitely not hurting me anymore.
Cravings: None, thank goodness.
Quesy or sick: Nope
Labor signs: Besides the braxton hicks, none.
Belly button in/out: My belly button is still halfway in. It pops out on occasion, but is still a little bit in. 
Wedding rings on/off: My wedding rings are on still which is nice. 
Mood: I have been in the best mood since having me time every morning. It's crazy how our moods can change within one goal to be better. I love how happy I am now. Happy Wife, Happy Life.
Looking forward to: I am looking forward to getting the baby's nursery done! I can't way tot show you all what I have planned out for this gender neutral room! 

This pregnancy is flying by, and I know I say this every time, but it really is!  I also have a post coming on how you can stay healthy and fit during your pregnancy! Can't wait to share that with you all. Happy hump day!
Oh, and here is a side-by-side 28 week photo with Sophia and not this pregnancy. So similar, yet so different..

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