Bianca Lively: 24 Weeks |Num.2|


24 Weeks |Num.2|

Wow! Am I really 24 weeks already? Time is flying by way too quickly this time around. Maybe it's because I have Sophia to look after and play with everyday so the days and weeks go by fast! I'm so thankful to have had such easy pregnancies. I love being pregnant. I've said this before and I'll say it 10 million times over again. Pregnancy has made me feel so beautiful on the inside and outside. Here is a little update on my 24 weeks of carrying my baby germ number 2! 

How far along: 24 weeks today! 
Gender: Unknown still. And we aren't caving! This is way too fun
Weight gain: 12 pounds so far! Keeping it in the healthy range. I've been running a lot, only so that I can enjoy donuts at 8am or some street tacos. haha
Maternity clothes: I have been officially living in my maternity jeans. They're so comfortable. All my shirts and dresses still fit like normal though.
Stretch marks: None. I've been trying to stay extra hydrated and lathered up with tummy butter every day.
Sleep: Sleep's been good surprisingly. I stop drinking water past 7pm so that I'm not up in the middle of the night.
Best moment this month: We got to see out baby! And we even got to see her/him in 3D. It was so sweet seeing that little face! And another best moment was us going on our baby moon! We took Sophia with us, and headed up to a cabin in Big Bear (post coming soon) and was the best vacation ever with no internet service. 
Worst moment this month: I wouldn't call this the worst, but I started having braxton hicks. I had braxton hicks badly with Sophia. It was an everyday thing. Eventually I had to get admitted twice, once at 22 weeks and another time at 28 weeks for preterm labor. They stopped it and everything, but it worries me that I'm heading in that same direction. 
Movement: Lots and lots! Oh man, this baby moves 100times more than Sophia ever did in the belly. This baby on occasion wakes me with a kick in the ribs! lol
Cravings: I wouldn't call these cravings, because I really don't need it, but i've been wanting to eat street tacos, korean bbq and sushi a lot lately. Maybe it's because I wanna get all the good foods into my belly before I get any bigger and the heartburn starts to happen. haha
Quesy or sick: Nope
Labor signs: Besides the braxton hicks, none.
Belly button in/out: My belly button is still halfway in. It pops out on occasion, but is still a little bit in. 
Wedding rings on/off: My wedding rings are on still which is nice. They stayed on the whole pregnancy with Sophia, so i'm hoping they stay on the whole time with this one too. 
Mood: I've been feeling a little emotional and almost lonely lately.. My hubby works so much and I stay home with Sophia, but sometimes I need my hubby, and I cry (hormones) just thinking about how much I miss him. Also, not sure if my dogs are changing because they see us changing with a new baby, but they have been acting up everyday! I don't think I can take it anymore with them. It's so sad because they used to be our babies, and now they're just "our dogs"… Not enough hours in the day to give them extra loving… 
Looking forward to: I am looking forward to being able to hit the 1 digit countdown in 6 weeks! Ah!! It's flying by! lol
I also wanted to add a little Sophia 24 week photo besides this baby's 24 week photo. Just to see the comparison. :) 

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