Bianca Lively: 21 Weeks |Num.2|


21 Weeks |Num.2|

Thanksgiving has passed, and Christmas is right around the corner! Time sure does fly by quickly.. I was planning on taking my 20 week photo, but completely forget! I was tide up cleaning the house, and prepping for Thanksgiving. We had some family members come by and it went so perfect. We ate yummy food, relaxed and watched a movie, then ate yummy food again and pie!
So here we are, 21 weeks and only about 19 weeks to go (17 if the baby decides to come early like Sophia did). Oh man, I have so much to do with prepping the nursery.. Thank goodness the baby will sleep in our room the first couple of months.

How far along: 21 weeks! Waa! More than halfway there
Gender: Unknown and still feel pretty good about not finding out
Weight gain: 11 pounds
Maternity clothes: no, but definitely enjoying my yoga pants with long tees
Stretch marks: no, but definitely buttering myself up
Sleep: great! We've been sleep training Sophia to sleep in her own room (so far so good), but trying to get her to stay in her room all not is what's getting me up haha
Best moment this month: Sophia's second birthday! I can't believe she's a two year old. SLLOWWW down time. 
Worst moment this month: None that I can recall on
Movement: Yes! Lots of movement throughout the night and morning when i'm relaxing (of course)
Cravings: Thanksgiving food. Only because I've been eating it nonstop for the past week. Don't judge.
Queasy or sick: no, thank goodness
Labor signs: no, thank goodness again.
Belly button in/out: half and half. 
Wedding rings on/off: on still, and hoping they stay on throughout the whole pregnancy 
Mood: Very happy and content with life at the moment. I think the holidays is what gets me really happy and cozy inside. Plus thanksgiving food is like my absolute favorite.
Looking forward to: Being able to see out baby for the second time! We haven't had an ultra sound since I was 8 weeks along. It was our first appointment and that was so long ago. Super excited and nervous to see our babes. Just praying we don't get a surprise peak at the gender lol

How was your thanksgiving holiday?

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