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2015 Year End Holiday Sales

Our christmas was so special this year. Not only was it the last christmas as a family of 3, but it was Sophia's last christmas as the only child. Definitely bittersweet for us all. Christmas eve my in-laws came by to give Sophia a few gifts to open up, and then had dinner and went home since the hubby had to work. And on Christmas Day, C and Sophia and I got up, ate a yummy breakfast and opened up our gifts from each other and from santa! We later on got ready and headed down to my parents house and celebrated christmas with my side of the family.. But now I can't believe christmas is gone. Till next year of course, and it makes me sad. I absolutely love the holidays, and this year they just flew by way too fast. Just like my pregnancy. I'm already going on 25 weeks and the thought that i'm close to the 1 digit countdown is crazy! But I can't wait to be that much closer to meeting our new little baby girl or boy! I always tell myself that I'm going to go shopping for year end deals the day after christmas since everywhere always has huge sales. So this year, although I told myself I would go, I didn't. BUT, I did go online and looked up some amazing year end holiday sales! And definitely got a couple things for myself as well. Hope some of these are useful for you!

Nordstroms Half Yearly Sale- Up to 50% off Men, Woman & Kids
Macy's One Day Only Sale- Free Shipping on $25+ Men, Woman, Kids, Juniors & Home Interior
Forever 21 In Store & Online- Up to 75% Off Everything plus Free Shipping
Kohl's- Save 20% on $100+ Promo Code: HAPPY2016 / Save 15% under $100 Promo Code: NEWYEAR
Target- Use cartwheel 20% off clearance apparel, shoes & accessories. Promo Code: EXTRA20
Walmart- Free Shipping with no minimum purchase and half off decorations
Amazon- 70% off coats, fashion items
Express- 50% off everything
H & M- 70% off Winter Sale

A Pea in the Pod- 40 styles at 40% Off
Destination Maternity- 40 Styles at 40% Off + $6 Standard Shipping
Pink Blush Maternity- 70% Off Flash Sale + Daily Deal $10 leggings
Motherhood- Buy one get one $5


Babymoon | Big Bear |

Growing up and going on vacation with my family has always been something I absolutely love. I remember telling C, that I would love to keep that traveling light alive with our kids one day, so that they too, can remember how much fun we all had as a family and always traveled. Since we're expecting our second little money in a few short months, we decide to go on a little trip to spoil Sophia and let her see the snow for the first time. SHE ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! We stayed in an amazing studio cabin which had everything snuggled up together. Couldn't have been more perfect for us. Very little service, fireplace, eating out and in through out the day, and going outdoors to play in snow. I honestly did not want to leave. And can't wait for our next family adventure.

Hope you're all having a great holiday break! What are some of your favorite kid-friendly vacations? I'm always looking for more trips in different places! Even if we have to fly! 


24 Weeks |Num.2|

Wow! Am I really 24 weeks already? Time is flying by way too quickly this time around. Maybe it's because I have Sophia to look after and play with everyday so the days and weeks go by fast! I'm so thankful to have had such easy pregnancies. I love being pregnant. I've said this before and I'll say it 10 million times over again. Pregnancy has made me feel so beautiful on the inside and outside. Here is a little update on my 24 weeks of carrying my baby germ number 2! 

How far along: 24 weeks today! 
Gender: Unknown still. And we aren't caving! This is way too fun
Weight gain: 12 pounds so far! Keeping it in the healthy range. I've been running a lot, only so that I can enjoy donuts at 8am or some street tacos. haha
Maternity clothes: I have been officially living in my maternity jeans. They're so comfortable. All my shirts and dresses still fit like normal though.
Stretch marks: None. I've been trying to stay extra hydrated and lathered up with tummy butter every day.
Sleep: Sleep's been good surprisingly. I stop drinking water past 7pm so that I'm not up in the middle of the night.
Best moment this month: We got to see out baby! And we even got to see her/him in 3D. It was so sweet seeing that little face! And another best moment was us going on our baby moon! We took Sophia with us, and headed up to a cabin in Big Bear (post coming soon) and was the best vacation ever with no internet service. 
Worst moment this month: I wouldn't call this the worst, but I started having braxton hicks. I had braxton hicks badly with Sophia. It was an everyday thing. Eventually I had to get admitted twice, once at 22 weeks and another time at 28 weeks for preterm labor. They stopped it and everything, but it worries me that I'm heading in that same direction. 
Movement: Lots and lots! Oh man, this baby moves 100times more than Sophia ever did in the belly. This baby on occasion wakes me with a kick in the ribs! lol
Cravings: I wouldn't call these cravings, because I really don't need it, but i've been wanting to eat street tacos, korean bbq and sushi a lot lately. Maybe it's because I wanna get all the good foods into my belly before I get any bigger and the heartburn starts to happen. haha
Quesy or sick: Nope
Labor signs: Besides the braxton hicks, none.
Belly button in/out: My belly button is still halfway in. It pops out on occasion, but is still a little bit in. 
Wedding rings on/off: My wedding rings are on still which is nice. They stayed on the whole pregnancy with Sophia, so i'm hoping they stay on the whole time with this one too. 
Mood: I've been feeling a little emotional and almost lonely lately.. My hubby works so much and I stay home with Sophia, but sometimes I need my hubby, and I cry (hormones) just thinking about how much I miss him. Also, not sure if my dogs are changing because they see us changing with a new baby, but they have been acting up everyday! I don't think I can take it anymore with them. It's so sad because they used to be our babies, and now they're just "our dogs"… Not enough hours in the day to give them extra loving… 
Looking forward to: I am looking forward to being able to hit the 1 digit countdown in 6 weeks! Ah!! It's flying by! lol
I also wanted to add a little Sophia 24 week photo besides this baby's 24 week photo. Just to see the comparison. :) 


Holiday Mini Sesson | Zapien Family |

I can't believe I didn't take photography so serious years ago. I went to school for this, and never pushed myself because I just wasn't ready. Babies and marriage was my only concern, and that's okay. But doing these mini sessions and seeing how happy I can make people by photographing there personalities and happiness, makes me 1,000 times happier in life. Here are a few photos from the session I had down in Rancho Cucamonga. I met this family from a cousin, and they were so much fun!


Pregnancy Style + Bipolar California Weather

I love being able to dress my bump. More so than I did with no bump at all! I've always enjoyed my pregnancies, and joked about how I can be pregnant forever and not care.. I mean, realistically that's not true, but that's how easy my pregnancies have been so far! Here is a quick little pregnancy style post on this California bipolar weather we're having. One day I'm in a scarf and sweatpants, and other days i'm dressed like this above! You can find more details on the outfit below. Happy Pregnancy to those who are! And happy Friday to those who aren't!

Top// Nordstroms
Jean Jacket// Macys
Shorts// Target
Wedges// Similar


Holiday Mini Session | Matt & Hali Family |

First off, as I am even beginning to write those blog post, I have to say thank you. Thank you to all my new and returning clients for allowing me to capture such beautiful-BEAUTIFUL photos. I can't thank you all enough for the sweet love and comments you have given me. It truly brings me joy to see you all smile and be proud of my work, when really, you were what made it happen. Secondly, how stinkin' adorable is this family!? They were so happy and playful with one another, and the sisters were either just in a little silly phase for the photos, but they were absolutely in love with each other. Hugging, kissing.. Hugging and kissing some more. It made my heart burst just thinking that Sophia is going to have a little sibling (brother or sister) soon to play with, hug and kiss. These mini sessions were such a hit for my business. I made great new customers, and got to step out of the house a little bit on my own. You know, a mama needs her little space too! ;)


Seasonal Wishlist

Being pregnant, you're a almost limited to the things that you can wear. And as the bump grows, your clothes just start to slowly shrink and not fit. So here I'm sharing with you a few of my pregnancy seasonal must haves for the winter!


Holiday Mini Session | Maria & Jack |

I've known Maria for some time now. She's always been a great friend and we always had a close bond since our babies were born only a few months apart. Her family since then has grown into a family of 4 and I just couldn't wait to do there holiday photos this season. Just look at how perfect this family is. There colors coordinated so well together, and the fall looking background was perfect! I absolutely love this location.


21 Weeks |Num.2|

Thanksgiving has passed, and Christmas is right around the corner! Time sure does fly by quickly.. I was planning on taking my 20 week photo, but completely forget! I was tide up cleaning the house, and prepping for Thanksgiving. We had some family members come by and it went so perfect. We ate yummy food, relaxed and watched a movie, then ate yummy food again and pie!
So here we are, 21 weeks and only about 19 weeks to go (17 if the baby decides to come early like Sophia did). Oh man, I have so much to do with prepping the nursery.. Thank goodness the baby will sleep in our room the first couple of months.

How far along: 21 weeks! Waa! More than halfway there
Gender: Unknown and still feel pretty good about not finding out
Weight gain: 11 pounds
Maternity clothes: no, but definitely enjoying my yoga pants with long tees
Stretch marks: no, but definitely buttering myself up
Sleep: great! We've been sleep training Sophia to sleep in her own room (so far so good), but trying to get her to stay in her room all not is what's getting me up haha
Best moment this month: Sophia's second birthday! I can't believe she's a two year old. SLLOWWW down time. 
Worst moment this month: None that I can recall on
Movement: Yes! Lots of movement throughout the night and morning when i'm relaxing (of course)
Cravings: Thanksgiving food. Only because I've been eating it nonstop for the past week. Don't judge.
Queasy or sick: no, thank goodness
Labor signs: no, thank goodness again.
Belly button in/out: half and half. 
Wedding rings on/off: on still, and hoping they stay on throughout the whole pregnancy 
Mood: Very happy and content with life at the moment. I think the holidays is what gets me really happy and cozy inside. Plus thanksgiving food is like my absolute favorite.
Looking forward to: Being able to see out baby for the second time! We haven't had an ultra sound since I was 8 weeks along. It was our first appointment and that was so long ago. Super excited and nervous to see our babes. Just praying we don't get a surprise peak at the gender lol

How was your thanksgiving holiday?
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