Bianca Lively: Sophia's Second Birthday Photos


Sophia's Second Birthday Photos

We still haven't got Sophia's second birthday photos done professionally, but I promise that i'm working on it! She came up with a little bit of a cold the week of her birthday, so were waiting till she's 100%! As of now, I wanted to share some of her birthday party photos. This year was definitely different than the last. For her first birthday, we had a taco man, about 80 people and it was just huge and so much fun. It had to be right? It was her very first birthday of life! This year, we rented out a play area for just some of her closest friends and neighbors for only 2 hours. They set up AND clean up while the kids make a huge disaster. It was awesome. They also had a big screen tv with cameras all over the play place so we can sit and relax with the adults while watching the kids play. I highly recommend doing this if you haven't already! Worth the money.
I can't believe we have a two year old! Time just goes by way too fast, but it's been the most fun and amazing two years of our entire lives. And can't wait for her next birthday! I have so many ideas already! hahah

4 generations 

With her daddy <3

Happy second year of life my beautiful beautiful princess. You have given me so much joy and happiness. 

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