Bianca Lively: Sophia's 1st DIY Birthday Backdrop


Sophia's 1st DIY Birthday Backdrop

Photo via: Oh Happy Day
I've gotten lots of questions regarding Sophia's first birthday backdrop that I made, which you can see more of her birthday here. I'm telling you guys, Pinterest saved me. I don't know what I would of done if Pinterest wasn't around to see everyone's amazing beautiful ideas for party planning and decorating. Even though her first birthday was last year, I felt like a quick post on how I made it would do the trick since I still get questions about it.
I had looked everywhere for some cute backdrop ideas and finally found this on Pinterest and thought, great, I'm never gonna have this party done lol. But I did it! And all with the help of this tutorial!

So go to there website Here, and check out how they do it. Also, I highly recommend using those scissors that cut at multiple times. Good luck!
   *warning- this was definitely easy, but time consuming. 

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