Bianca Lively: Pregnancy Style + Bridal Shower


Pregnancy Style + Bridal Shower

Have been so busy these last couple of months, or more like the last few years! People are either getting married, having kids, or we have birthdays to attend. Which is fine, I love that we have so many loving friends and family that wish for us to be apart of their special days, but sometimes staying home for one whole weekend is what we need as a family. And with a new baby on the way, our days aren't going to be as calm and relaxing as they are now with just having Sophia. 
I'm finally showing, and had to wear a tight striped dress to this bridal shower I went to last week just to show the bump off. This is about my favorite stage in pregnancy, well my whole pregnancy is my favorite, but I love how adorable and tiny the bump looks. Even though I wasn't showing as fast with Sophia. I was about 6 months when I looked like this.. Oh well, #cutebumpalert 

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