Bianca Lively: Our Halloween 2015


Our Halloween 2015

If you follow us on Instagram, then you've already seen that we last minute decided to head to Texas. I love being spontaneous, and a $49 flight out here was just too good to not get. So we packed up, and off we went the following day. We've been out here for a little less than two weeks so far, and I don't want to go home. The only thing making me head back home is my hubby, but if he wanted to move out here, I would not hesitate. I love Texas, and the weather, the people, the homes, the community… It's all just so beautiful. So, we spent our halloween out here, and made Sophia and I kitty cats! It was the easiest costume so we didn't have to pack extra things for just one night of dressing up. We got these kitty ears from Target, and Sophia didn't wanna take them off for a week straight. So I figured, why not be cats- meow!

I got my makeup inspiration off of Pinterest. I found tons of amazing cat makeup a and just chose the easiest one. Sophia on the other hand, didn't wanna sit still for makeup, so I had to pretend to take it off when really I was putting more on. Hehe

I've never seen so many people trick-or-treating before. I always thought my neighborhood had tons of kids, but boy was I wrong. There were lines of cars waiting to come into my dads area so they can park and get candy. It was awesome! We went trick-or-treating early so that we can not be out in the dark, it was perfect timing. Beat all the crowd, and made it home for dinner!

How was your Halloween? Did you enjoy it? What did you and/or kiddos dress up as?

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