Bianca Lively: November 2015


Night Routine (With a toddler)

I got so much amazing feedback and such sweet comments from my morning routine, which you can find here, and lots of people asking if I can make a night routine so I did! It only took me about 4 months to upload and about a week to film, but I did it and really hope you all enjoy it. Now that Sophia's older (2! whaaaaa!) our routine's a little different and she doesn't get rocked as much. But for the most part, it's all the same. Here it is and if you like it, don't forget to subscribe!!


Sophia's 1st DIY Birthday Backdrop

Photo via: Oh Happy Day
I've gotten lots of questions regarding Sophia's first birthday backdrop that I made, which you can see more of her birthday here. I'm telling you guys, Pinterest saved me. I don't know what I would of done if Pinterest wasn't around to see everyone's amazing beautiful ideas for party planning and decorating. Even though her first birthday was last year, I felt like a quick post on how I made it would do the trick since I still get questions about it.
I had looked everywhere for some cute backdrop ideas and finally found this on Pinterest and thought, great, I'm never gonna have this party done lol. But I did it! And all with the help of this tutorial!

So go to there website Here, and check out how they do it. Also, I highly recommend using those scissors that cut at multiple times. Good luck!
   *warning- this was definitely easy, but time consuming. 


Sophia's Second Birthday Photos

We still haven't got Sophia's second birthday photos done professionally, but I promise that i'm working on it! She came up with a little bit of a cold the week of her birthday, so were waiting till she's 100%! As of now, I wanted to share some of her birthday party photos. This year was definitely different than the last. For her first birthday, we had a taco man, about 80 people and it was just huge and so much fun. It had to be right? It was her very first birthday of life! This year, we rented out a play area for just some of her closest friends and neighbors for only 2 hours. They set up AND clean up while the kids make a huge disaster. It was awesome. They also had a big screen tv with cameras all over the play place so we can sit and relax with the adults while watching the kids play. I highly recommend doing this if you haven't already! Worth the money.
I can't believe we have a two year old! Time just goes by way too fast, but it's been the most fun and amazing two years of our entire lives. And can't wait for her next birthday! I have so many ideas already! hahah

4 generations 

With her daddy <3

Happy second year of life my beautiful beautiful princess. You have given me so much joy and happiness. 


Pregnancy Snack Ideas

As the holidays are quickly approaching, I am finding myself very excited to eat like a cow lol. I am a huge believer in eating at least 5-6 small meals a day, but don't get me wrong, there are many times when I eat 3 BIG meals a day and completely regret it after because I ate so much from hunger. So I wanted to share with you a few healthy pregnancy snack ideas that are currently my favorite on the menu. And are all less than 200 calories each! Being pregnant not only means being healthy (or try to), but eating healthy always ends up making me feel healthier at the end of the day. AND I don't feel as bloated. 

I hope this list helps some of you! What are some of your favorite snacks? I need more options as you can tell.


Pregnancy Style + Casual Gladiators

Love being pregnant, and being able to find comfortable clothes makes me feel so much better about myself. Especially since I have that overly sized bloating belly. You know, that one where you're questionable still until you hold it like the photo above? Sophia and I spent the weekend at my moms, and was able to sneak into her closet for some quick outfits. We're the same size, in different ways if that makes sense.. Her clothes fits me so much better sometimes. Thanks mom! I promise to get this shirt back to you. Hahaha

Purse | Gladiator | Sunnies

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18 Weeks |Num.2|

-How far along: 18 weeks! Woo! This was the same week when I found out I was having a girl with Sophia! 
-Gender: Gender is still unknown. Only 22 weeks left till we find out! 
-Weight gain: I've gained about 8 pounds so far. Still on the same track as I was with Sophia at this time, only difference, is my weight is carried differently.
-Maternity clothes: No maternity just yet, my maternity jeans still tend to fit me a little big, but I've still got the rubber band holding my pants up, or yoga pants.. Okay, i'm only wearing yoga pants. haha
-Stretch marks: I wouldn't call it a stretch mark. But i've been super itchy on my sides, and I felt a little tiny scratch that may eventually turn into a stretch mark? It's been hard for me to butter myself up with Palmers Tummy Butter like I did when I was pregnant with Sophia. Only because we love cuddling, so the butter wipes off.
-Sleep: Sleep is great still. Catching myself on my back, so its time to bust out the pregnancy pillow.
-Best moment this week: I finally got to feel my little monkey move!!! And I've been feeling him/her ever since! I LOVE IT!
-Worst moment this week: Having to fly with a toddler. She was so fussy in the very beginning because you have to wear your seatbelt, but once we took off she was fine, and fell asleep.
-Movement: Yes yes!! And it is still so amazing like the first time!
-Cravings: No cravings. Okay, maybe i've been wanting al pastor tacos haha
-Queasy or sick: Nope
-Labor signs: No, thank goodness
-Belly button in/out: It's sometimes in, sometimes half out. I don't doubt it will make an appearance in a few short weeks!
-Wedding rings on/off: They're on. <3
-Mood: I feel great, happy and in love.. I've been majorly attached to my hubby. Like a high school girlfriend lol. I've also started working out, and I love it! I worked out 5 days a week when I was pregnant with Sophia, and with this pregnancy I've been lagging it a little. But this week I started back at it, and am hoping to stay strong till the birth!  
-Looking forward to: I'm looking forward to our ultra sound in 3 weeks! We haven't seen the baby since I first found out I was pregnant! 


Pregnancy Style + Bridal Shower

Have been so busy these last couple of months, or more like the last few years! People are either getting married, having kids, or we have birthdays to attend. Which is fine, I love that we have so many loving friends and family that wish for us to be apart of their special days, but sometimes staying home for one whole weekend is what we need as a family. And with a new baby on the way, our days aren't going to be as calm and relaxing as they are now with just having Sophia. 
I'm finally showing, and had to wear a tight striped dress to this bridal shower I went to last week just to show the bump off. This is about my favorite stage in pregnancy, well my whole pregnancy is my favorite, but I love how adorable and tiny the bump looks. Even though I wasn't showing as fast with Sophia. I was about 6 months when I looked like this.. Oh well, #cutebumpalert 

Striped Dress (70% off) | Jean Vest similar here 
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Our Halloween 2015

If you follow us on Instagram, then you've already seen that we last minute decided to head to Texas. I love being spontaneous, and a $49 flight out here was just too good to not get. So we packed up, and off we went the following day. We've been out here for a little less than two weeks so far, and I don't want to go home. The only thing making me head back home is my hubby, but if he wanted to move out here, I would not hesitate. I love Texas, and the weather, the people, the homes, the community… It's all just so beautiful. So, we spent our halloween out here, and made Sophia and I kitty cats! It was the easiest costume so we didn't have to pack extra things for just one night of dressing up. We got these kitty ears from Target, and Sophia didn't wanna take them off for a week straight. So I figured, why not be cats- meow!

I got my makeup inspiration off of Pinterest. I found tons of amazing cat makeup a and just chose the easiest one. Sophia on the other hand, didn't wanna sit still for makeup, so I had to pretend to take it off when really I was putting more on. Hehe

I've never seen so many people trick-or-treating before. I always thought my neighborhood had tons of kids, but boy was I wrong. There were lines of cars waiting to come into my dads area so they can park and get candy. It was awesome! We went trick-or-treating early so that we can not be out in the dark, it was perfect timing. Beat all the crowd, and made it home for dinner!

How was your Halloween? Did you enjoy it? What did you and/or kiddos dress up as?
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