Bianca Lively: Sophia update 23 Months


Sophia update 23 Months

I can't believe my little baby, my first born and only child *at the moment* is going to be two years old! Where the heck does time go, and why so fast? I still remember the day we brought her home, and that first week, month, year… It all just flies by, and taking photos and videos as much as possible never seems like enough to keep memories forever. Here is a little 23 month update on my bubba! I love you Sophia Adele! You're my precious precious happiness everyday.
Let's start here, Sophia loves to sleep, and loves to sleep in every morning. And when I say sleep in, I mean there are times where she is barely waking by 10-11am. Yes, we got very lucky. The next one, I already know is not gonna be a good sleeper. I just feel it. Totally setting myself up.

Sophia loves Minnie Mouse, so getting Disneyland passes was a must for her and I. And then we finally convinced dad to get a pass with us too. So now the three of us go as a family, and Sophia loves going to Minnies house.

She is also a huge animal lover. Especially cows. She can spot a cow in books, and shows and will say "mama, COW! Moooooooo" So adorable. And her little friend had a second birthday zoo party! So she was in the petting zoo area the whole time. And called the Sheep a cow. Hahaha
This girl is still into her fruit. LOVES her fruit. Grapes (uvas), and blueberries especially in the photo below, she was opening her mouth for more haha. So for potty training purposes, we would give her about 4 grapes as a rewarded, and it worked! She is potty trained!

She loves to sing, and dance. And even closes her eyes to really feel the music with her hands up and everything. I've been debating on getting her into dance. But I can't figure out what kind of dance yet, ballet or hip hop. Maybe i'll do both! She loves to count to 3, sing the ABC's, and knows some of her colors, animals and shapes! Potty training really helped with teaching her these things. 
Now to finish prepping for her birthday which is in only a few weeks! Mama's got lots to do still. 

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