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Raining Day

Happy Monday! Finally we saw some rain around here.. We woke up to the nice cool breeze, while it still looked dark out because of all the clouds. Sophia and I could of easily stayed in bed till noon, but the pumpkin patch was in our agenda for the day, and definitely making some home made soup of some sort too! It officially feels like fall...

 Sophia was beyond words excited to be at the pumpkin patch, I didn't think she would love it as much as I do! As soon as we got there, she ran up to all the pumpkins with pure excitement and said "mama! The ball!!!" haha My pretty princess..

I then looked online for some super yummy soup recipes, and was going to make something super extravagant with a side dish and what not that I found on Pinterest, but then the hubby said chicken noodle soup, so thats what I made! It was super easy, and I highly recommend this recipe to anyone!
I added avocado, lime and cilantro to the finished product and inhaled two bowls! So yummy. Here is where I found this recipe below: All Recipes 
Where it says cooked chicken, I recommend not using chicken breast since it can be on the dry side, definitely buy a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, and use the dark meat only. I also added about 5 chopped red potatoes to the mix.
Do you have any soup recipes you'd like to share!? I'd love to try something new next week! 

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