Bianca Lively: October 2015


Sophia update 23 Months

I can't believe my little baby, my first born and only child *at the moment* is going to be two years old! Where the heck does time go, and why so fast? I still remember the day we brought her home, and that first week, month, year… It all just flies by, and taking photos and videos as much as possible never seems like enough to keep memories forever. Here is a little 23 month update on my bubba! I love you Sophia Adele! You're my precious precious happiness everyday.
Let's start here, Sophia loves to sleep, and loves to sleep in every morning. And when I say sleep in, I mean there are times where she is barely waking by 10-11am. Yes, we got very lucky. The next one, I already know is not gonna be a good sleeper. I just feel it. Totally setting myself up.

Sophia loves Minnie Mouse, so getting Disneyland passes was a must for her and I. And then we finally convinced dad to get a pass with us too. So now the three of us go as a family, and Sophia loves going to Minnies house.

She is also a huge animal lover. Especially cows. She can spot a cow in books, and shows and will say "mama, COW! Moooooooo" So adorable. And her little friend had a second birthday zoo party! So she was in the petting zoo area the whole time. And called the Sheep a cow. Hahaha
This girl is still into her fruit. LOVES her fruit. Grapes (uvas), and blueberries especially in the photo below, she was opening her mouth for more haha. So for potty training purposes, we would give her about 4 grapes as a rewarded, and it worked! She is potty trained!

She loves to sing, and dance. And even closes her eyes to really feel the music with her hands up and everything. I've been debating on getting her into dance. But I can't figure out what kind of dance yet, ballet or hip hop. Maybe i'll do both! She loves to count to 3, sing the ABC's, and knows some of her colors, animals and shapes! Potty training really helped with teaching her these things. 
Now to finish prepping for her birthday which is in only a few weeks! Mama's got lots to do still. 


16 Weeks |Num.2|

Being pregnant this time around has been extremely easy. In the very beginning I was tired to the extreme, and felt so bad for Sophia because I didn't have the energy to play with her. But now that I'm in the second trimester, and can finally drink a little bit of tea, my energy is back, and I feel "normal". Only thing changing is my belly. Growing much faster this time around, but my weights the same as I was pregnant with Sophia. Anyway, here is a little update on my baby bump!

How far along: 16 weeks
Gender: Unknown- 24 weeks to go till we find out!
Weight gain: About 5 pounds
Maternity clothes: Not yet, my pants still fit, but obviously unbuttoned haha
Stretch marks: Nope
Sleep: Sleeps great! Besides catching myself on my back in the middle of the night
Best moment lately: We last minute got a flight to Texas to visit our family. We're loving Texas weather.
Worst moment lately: Having to move go to baggage claim for 2 heavy suitcases and 1 extremely heavy car seat with a toddler in my arms not wanting to be put down, plus a heavy back pack. 
Movement: I think i've been feeling flutters, not 100% sure yet. I think in the next two weeks I'll feel something more.
Cravings: No cravings, just constantly hungry haha
Queasy or sick: None thank goodness
Labor signs: Nope, not yet! 
Belly button in/out: Still in
Wedding rings on/off: Still wearing my beauties! 
Mood: I feel happy, and definitely enjoying life with my little Sophia. 
Looking forward to: Halloween! We'll be in Texas for Halloween, so my whole family and I are gonna take Sophia around the block for some candy! 


Pregnancy Style + Night Out

It's the weekend! I know I have told you all that I was going to start sharing outfit posts and try to get my style/fashion sense in gear since I would rather be in pj's all day. Nothing wrong with that besides the fact that I feel so unattractive to my hubby (even though he probably doesn't really care haha). So I wanted to start a series of pregnancy style posts. And I'm hoping that these posts will not only help me, but also you if you're like me and struggle with that weird stage of not looking pregnant but just feeling super bloated, or if you just have no idea what to wear and need a little inspo during your whole pregnancy. I hope you guys like these because I'm super excited to think outside the box with this pregnancy and actually buy maternity clothes! Yay!
Enjoy beautiful mamas or mama to be's!

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What are some of your favorite maternity stores? This mama needs some ideas!


14 Weeks |Num.2|

I can't believe we're having another baby! This still is so exciting for me on so many levels. One, Sophia gets to be a big sister! How cool is that? And two, I get to be pregnant again. For 9 whole months.. If you're new here, then you probably weren't up to date with my pregnancy with Sophia. I had the smoothest, easiest pregnancy ever. I was terrified of morning sickness, fatigue, and all those crazy things woman experience. Major props to you for going through pregnancy like that and wanting to again and again.
So far, this pregnancy has been easy. Same as Sophia. Nothing different besides the pants not buttoning up. But no biggie, that's part of the process right? Here is a 14 week bump update. And like I had mentioned a post back, the silhouette photos are whats happening for the next few months! I love them.

How far along: 14 weeks
Gender: Unknown till birth
Weight gain: 2 pounds
Maternity clothes: no, unbuttoned all the way though.
Stretch marks: none
Sleep: I actually slept very well these last few nights! Not waking up to use the restroom has been great! haha
Best moment this month: Hearing the heart beat
Worst moment this month: Having to wake up about 2-3 times to pee. But so glad thats subsided
Movement: I want to say just a few nights ago I started feeling little flutters, but I'm not 100% sure yet. I didn't feel them with Sophia till about 19 weeks.
Cravings: Nothing as of now.
Queasy or sick: Nope
Labor signs: No, thank goodness.
Belly button in/out: In, but I know for a fact its going to be popping out sooner than later.
Wedding rings on/off: They're on.
Mood: Pretty happy and content with life. Occasionally I get super sad because I start thinking about how Sophia won't be the only one, but this is only making our family bigger and better!
Looking forward to: Our next ultra sound appointment! I can't wait to see our little gummy bear since we haven't seen him/her since week 8.  
26 weeks to go!  Happy Tuesday!!


13 Weeks |Num.2|

Wow! It's hard to believe that 7 weeks have gone by since we found out we're having #BabyGerm2. Although it feels like it's taking a while, and I'm only 13 weeks, 7 weeks gone by seems fast! I am loving being pregnant (once again). I had the smoothest pregnancy with Sophia, went by fairly quickly considering we found out really late into our pregnancy (13 weeks late). The only thing I would have to say that's a little different this time around are the frequent headaches. Also, am I the only mom that feels like she needs to go out and explore more often with their first child? I feel like we're never going to have this time alone together again, so it's been making me sad that she won't have my 100% attention anymore come 6 months.. So I've been having lots of picnic dates, shopping, and random cake pop dates here and there. 

I also decided to not do the chalkboard updates with this baby, and instead have been inspired by taking silhouettes instead.. Here are a few that I've found on Pinterest that I think are so beautiful! 
I think I'll start taking these next week.  Here is a little update on BabyGerm2.

How far along: 13 weeks.
Gender: We don't know yet, going to keep it a surprise this time around.
Weight gain: 2 pounds gained. 
Maternity clothes: None yet, but the rubber band on the pants is helping at the moment. 
Stretch marks: None, but i've been lathering up in coco butter again! Worked wonders with Sophia.
Sleep: I've been waking up about once or twice in the middle of the night to pee. I remember this with Sophia too.
Best moment this month: We got to hear the baby's heartbeat! And Sophia was with us so she got to hear what baby brother or baby sister sounded like. So adorable. 
Worst moment this month: Can't think of anything really.
Movement: None yet, but they do say you sometimes feel the flutters earlier with your second. Just waiting for that. I can't wait!
Cravings: None. 
Queasy or sick: No thank goodness! I didn't have any symptoms with Sophia either which was nice.
Labor signs: No No No haha
Belly button in/out: In still. 
Wedding rings on/off: On. 
Mood: Eh, Every little thing is sort of bothering me at the moment. And these headaches are unreal. 
Looking forward to: Our 16 week appointment and being able to get our costumes together for Halloween! So excited about the holidays! 


Raining Day

Happy Monday! Finally we saw some rain around here.. We woke up to the nice cool breeze, while it still looked dark out because of all the clouds. Sophia and I could of easily stayed in bed till noon, but the pumpkin patch was in our agenda for the day, and definitely making some home made soup of some sort too! It officially feels like fall...

 Sophia was beyond words excited to be at the pumpkin patch, I didn't think she would love it as much as I do! As soon as we got there, she ran up to all the pumpkins with pure excitement and said "mama! The ball!!!" haha My pretty princess..

I then looked online for some super yummy soup recipes, and was going to make something super extravagant with a side dish and what not that I found on Pinterest, but then the hubby said chicken noodle soup, so thats what I made! It was super easy, and I highly recommend this recipe to anyone!
I added avocado, lime and cilantro to the finished product and inhaled two bowls! So yummy. Here is where I found this recipe below: All Recipes 
Where it says cooked chicken, I recommend not using chicken breast since it can be on the dry side, definitely buy a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, and use the dark meat only. I also added about 5 chopped red potatoes to the mix.
Do you have any soup recipes you'd like to share!? I'd love to try something new next week! 


Check-Up & Rocksbox

We got to hear our little peanuts heart beat this past week and it really brought my mind at ease. Not having any pregnancy symptoms is great (didn't have any with Sophia either)! But also very scary, so when I hear that little heart beating super fast, it brings a huge smile to my face.
I also got to wear my first set of Rocksbox jewelry! You guys, this is such a great idea, and the person that thought about this is freaking genius! So you get a box with 3 pieces of name brand jewelry, then wear it as much as you want, or as little as you want, and return them back in the same box with a free shipping label, then you get sent a new box with three new pieces! So you're basically renting jewelry as many times as you want a month. And if you love something and don't want to send it back, you can purchase it for the discounted price! Its AMAZING!!!
Here are the 3 pieces I got in this box,
I got a beautiful pair of Kendra Scott earrings, the perfect fit Gorjana ring, and lastly a stunning necklace from Bella Boutique.

I hope you love these and am totally sending these back to get a brand new box tomorrow! #obsessed and if you love this, you can sign up and get your first months FREE! Just try it out, you aren't obligated for anything. Use the code: BiancaLivelyxoxo when you go to Rocksbox's website!  


And Then There Were Four

So remember that "thing" i've been working on for a while, or more like 13 weeks now? It's finally here, and you guessed it.. Baby Germ #2 is officially on its way, and we couldn't be more excited to share with all our family and friends that great news. This time around we found out super early. I was about 6 weeks. We decided to start trying this past winter and figured that even though I got pregnant very quickly with Sophia, we thought it would be just as fast with the second, but that wasn't the case. It took us about 5 months to get pregnant. Which now that I think of it, wasn't long at all, but I was so desperate for another that every month aunt flow arrived, I would get upset.
Here is how that day planned out. Sophia and I were hanging out, doing our normal morning thing and even made it to Target. I was already about 2 weeks late at the time, but figured since I'm normally irregular, maybe my period was acting up. Well, I ended up in the aisle with all 50 thousand pregnancy test to choose from, and just grabbed and went. Of course captain obvious rushed out of that aisle and grabbed a few hand soaps to not be oh so obvious at check out haha. So typical of me even though I already had Sophia.
We then went on a lunch date and I was dreading the drive home, because I just felt like that was the very last time that I knew for sure, she was my only one. I remember taking this last photo of her and I as soon as we got to the driveway. And looking at it makes me cry. It's bittersweet, because she's going to be an amazing amazing big sister and will have many great memories with her sibling, but also so sad that she won't be my only one anymore..
As soon as we got into the house, we went upstairs, and before I can even think I took the test. I hugged Sophia and played and was nervous to look at the results by my window.. My timer went off, and I had checked it out, and it read PREGNANT! I started jumping for joy, screaming, crying, yelling out "omg omg omg omg omg!" for about 5 minutes, all while Sophia having this confused look on her face like what the heck?? I picked her up, hugged her super tight and said, "mama's gonna have another baby, you're going to be a big sister!" and pointed down at my belly. Even though she had no idea what the heck I was probably talking about, and all she got out of it was the word baby, that was all that mattered to me.  C got home and Sophia showed him, and he was so happy! We did it! Baby number 2!

The look on her face here as she's holding the test cracks me up.
Photo via Pinterest
Once again, thank you all for your kind words on Instagram. You all mean so much to me and can't wait to share this exciting new adventure of a mommy with two with you all! And if you have any mommy of two tips, i'd love to hear them!
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