Bianca Lively: The "MOM" Hairdo


The "MOM" Hairdo

About a year after I had Sophia, I came to the realization that I had absolutely NO time to get ready-showering or even having to take a quick pee break was out of the question. So I needed a change, drastically and chopped hair off. My hair was so long and beautiful while I was pregnant. I had that pregnancy thick,  healthy shiny hair and then Sophia was born and my hair went to crap. Dead, dry, thin and old.. A new do was in the mix for me, and I couldn't thank my mom enough for making me feel so beautiful with the new haircut. So here are a few of my favorite hair styles for shoulder length hair. It's so quick and easy for me to get ready now. a few curls here and there, and bam- Ready To Go!
The straight haired girl, and the curly haired lady. I love both! And both are so easy and quick to do. It takes me about 7-10 minutes to do my hair.

What's your favorite hair do? Do you prefer long or short hair? Happy Friday!

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