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Date Night

It's Mondayy! For most of you, this day absolutely sucks. But a Monday for us is just like any other day! Sometimes a Monday is our Friday (if that didn't confuse you enough). This past "weekend" I had to go for a dress fitting since I'm in a wedding this coming November. I'm so excited to be apart of this special day for my cousin and his beautiful bride-to-be.
I had also went over to my moms work since I was in her area to get a much needed hair wash since she's a hair stylist. And plus, this momma hardly gets any special treatments like a hair wash where I can relax and close my eyes.. It was that amazing. 
Later on that night, the hubs and I got dressed and went out since my sister was watching Sophia. Can you say DATE NIGHT! Even though it was our very close friends wedding, any time alone with him-baby free-is a date night to me.. 
Come Sunday we snuggled up in bed, and went to the local fair in our town. My hubs was working there so we went by to take him some lemonade from In-n-Out, got a slushy made of tamarindo, and got to take home a huge stuffed animal that a booth owner just wanted to gift to Sophia. It was the cutest thing. And although I wasn't prepared to have a stuffed animal in my hand, an almost two year old running around because I forgot her stroller #MomFail and a tamarindo raspado in the other hand with the heat at the fair- it lasted about a good 20 minutes.
But nothing beats being able to nap with my princess whenever I feel like it on any day of the week. One of the up's of being a stay-at-home momma. Can I get an amen to one child (for now) and being able to nap with that one child whenever?! Haha

 How was your weekend!?

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