Bianca Lively: Sophia's Nursery [Better Late, Than Never]


Sophia's Nursery [Better Late, Than Never]

I completely forgot that I had Sophia's room photos in a hard drive and when I went to look through them, there they were! So, for those that have asked, I will finally show you her room… As most of you know, I thought Sophia was going to be a boy. Even though they told me 3 separate times she was a girl, I believed she was a boy.. I'm a very plain and simple person anyway, so I wanted her room to be black and white, with very little pink here and there, so that it would be easy for me to transition to blue (just in case) haha. So here it is!

And again, I am soooooo sorry for falling off the face of the planet, i've been working on my business so much lately and am absolutely loving it, that I kept forgetting about my blog, and how important my blog is to me. I love you guys! And thank you for sticking around and private messaging me about my disappearance hahaha. I'm back though!

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