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Sophia update: 19 Months

My baby isn't so baby anymore.. Where does the time go? I love being able to see her baby pictures and how quickly she's learning new things; like how to say certain words, trying to sing, and dance. It's the most precious thing. She does have a few 'terrible two's' moments here and there, but her kissy lips and when she says "Hi momma!" melts me.
At her 18 month appointment, I was anxious to see how we can get the bottle away from her. She was never into the pacifier, or bottle. So the sooner I was able to get it away from her, the better because I didn't want her getting used to "needing" it. As of now, our bedtime routine is still the same- dinner, bath, story and then I rock her. Maybe the rocking her to sleep isn't such a good idea, but it's what's working for us and I don't mind it one bit. She no longer uses the bottle, and only needs to hold onto her sippie cup while I rock her to bed. She doesn't even drink out of it. It's cute..
At 16 months she began to say "mama" and "papa" all the time and actually meaning those words.
And she always knows where everything is. For example the strawberries, "nana's", and graham crackers. She was addicted, I mean ADDICTED to those crackers for such a long time! But thankfully grew out of that.
She is a fruit crazy  now. At 19 months, you would think this girl is an organic fruits and veggies only type of girl. If she hears the fridge opening up, she runs to it, and stands up on the bottom and reaches for grapes, tomatoes (which she doesn't realize aren't nectarines yet lol), and apples. She just loves to help herself. Something about her just helping herself in the fridge makes me happy. It really does. This girl can eat!
She loves her breakfast. Breakfast is her main-go-to meal. She can eat about 4 different servings of things. For example, this morning she had pancakes with bananas, blue berries and strawberries on top, plus a bowl of cereal, and half a bagel. And sometimes she'll even have some eggs. She needs like buffet style and I'm okay with it as long as she eats.
She loves to hang out with me in my office while I work and she colors. She grabs my highlighters and pens and writes and scribbles all over pieces of paper. She LOVES to sing the ABC song, even though she hums it. She loves it when we sing to her and she can dance, especially the hokey pokey song. She looks forward to her baths and loves the water.
Now that its summer time, the weather has been terribly hot, so we lather up on sunblock, and jump in the pool. Sophia loves swimming and does not like it if we hold her-miss independent. So we had to buy her a life vest that was good to keep her afloat and not tip her from side to side. This little momma loves being outdoors. It can be 150 degrees outside, and she wants to run around and play all over the yard.

Look at how small she was here on the left… She was maybe a few weeks old. And here she is, Fathers Day on the right. Such a big girl now with a pony tail! Stop growing my little baby princess, you're getting big so fast. Mommy loves you!

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