Bianca Lively: Camping Trip 2015


Camping Trip 2015

My sisters are in town for the summer and staying with us from Texas! Isn't that so awesome? I get them all to myself for 3 entire months.. We've had lots of summer plans with them, one of them being a camping trip. And since C's schedule is different every month, we typically have to get up and go spontaneously. Which, I'm all about being spontaneous anyway.

So we thought, lets go to the beach, and STAY THERE! We packed up the night before and headed out that morning to Ventura County and camped on the beach. 
The weather was perfect, and the beach was basically empty and very secluded. We had the space all to ourselves. It was Sophia's first camping trip ever, and surprisingly she did very well! We all enjoyed it so much and are looking forward to more camping trips this summer.. On the family bucket list is Yosemite!
Here are a few pictures of our little family vacation and a new video on my Youtube Channel from the trip!

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