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Weekending it

Our weekends have been filled with so much fun lately. Am I the only one that gets it the worst? You know, those things we call allergies.. I mean seriously, I wake up in the morning sneezing with watery eyeballs, and survive off of Allegra. I can be outdoors all day with Sophia if my allergies didn't kill me every time. We finally got a key to our local park, and I just couldn't wait to take Sophia so she can run around and let some energy out.. Seeing her play alone at times made me a little sad, so I try to entertain her as much as I can, even though I'm sure I weird her out with my squeaky mom voice as I talk and play with her.. A little brother or sister is exactly what she needs, and our family is so ready for it to grow with 2 extra little feet. I've been dying to get pregnant again since Sophia hit 6 months, which was about 11 months ago. C and I want a big family, so we gotta get the train moving before I'm 50 with a newborn. Totally kidding. I had the EASIEST pregnancy with Sophia. No pregnancy symptoms at all, besides the growing belly. And I'm anxious for that experience again. Although I do know, not all pregnancies are alike. 
We also started potty training this weekend! Can you say exhausting 10 times fast? I can't believe how much work is put into potty training for us parents. It's so hard and you definitely need to have a whole lot of patience. Do you have any potty training techniques or advice for me? I'd love to hear how you all did it with your littles..

A couple girlfriends and I went to a painting class where you dress the part and they teach you how to paint on a canvas while sipping on wine! Um, yes! Especially after a couple days of potty training, this mama needed a little break.
And this is supposed to be an elephant lol, let's just say that a few bottles of wine while painting didn't go so well for us… haha 

Hope you had a great weekend and Happy Monday!

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