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Guest Post | Quick Fit Tip

As you all know, i've been coaching bikini challenges for a while now and I finally felt like joining the group by not only coaching, but doing the actual challenge too! I've always loved working out and being healthy, especially while pregnant. And even more so now that my weight tends to come off a little bit slower than before having Sophia.
A high school friend of mine has always been into fitness and health too. And I'll always remember seeing her pictures with her cute little baby bump in workout clothes, and going for runs with both her super adorable little girls. Now, I don't know if you've ever pushed a jogging stroller (while actually jogging, and with kids), but it's extremely tough! And Becca does it with TWO! Major kudos to her. She has been such a health inspiration for me and she can be for you too! Go check out her Quick Fit Tip Instagram, where you will see that she shares amazing tips about fitness and foods. For this guest post, we we felt like sharing with YOU a few workouts that will help you get on your way to healthy and fit. This applies to men too! You can also find another amazing post on one of my favorite bloggers page Along Abbey Road, where Becca shares a fee tips on toning your post-baby belly!

Here I welcome you, Becca!

So, when talking over with Bianca, she told me that a lot of woman tell her the weakest part of their body is their arms, but, that they are hesitant to lift or work upper body for fear of becoming "too bulky". Let me just take a second to clear your concerns... to get bulky, you will have to lift a lot, and by a lot I mean everyday and very heavy. To bulk you lift heavier weights with less reps, to tone you lift lighter weights with more reps, this build endurance in the muscle. 

I came up with an arms routine to help all you woman out there who just want to tone up your arms without taking up too much time or bulking. You should make it your goal to do this routine 2 times per week in addition to a lower body routine, ab routine and cardio. All you will need for this arm routine is one set of 8-10 lb dumb bells and a chair or bench. 

Exercise 1: Squat Press (15x)
Start in a standing position with your arms down by your side. 

Squat down keeping weights by your legs, back flat, head up and toes in line with your knees (not over your knees). 

Now stand while bringing your arms up at the same time and place them by your shoulders.

Then press your arms up over your head straight. Now repeat this exercise backwards. Then you will be back where you started in position 1. 

Exercise 2: Reverse Push-ups (15x)

Start by lying on your stomach, toes up and arms out. 

Bring your arms in by your side.

Push up keeping your back flat and bootie down.

Then lower yourself gentle back down to the floor and repeat.

Exercise 3: Tricep Dips (15-20x)

Start with your arms behind you, straight and placed on the edge of a chair or bench. Have your legs straight and out in front of you. Notice that my body is fairly straight as well.

Without moving your legs, bend your elbows backwards (not to the sides at all) and dip down as low as you can. Then push back up back to the starting position.

Exercise 4: Bicep Curls (30x - 15 on each side)
 Start with weights down by your side and feet slightly apart. 

 Keeping your elbows in to your side, curl up one arm. 

Then lower and curl the opposite arm. Keep this motion as fluid and continuous as possible without throwing your hips or upper body back and forth. 

Exercise 5: Good 'ol Fashion Push-ups (12-15)
 Start in a plank position with bootie down, arms locked and back flat.

Keeping your back flat, bend your elbows and lower yourself to the floor without touching. Then return back to the start position. 

Please keep in mind that starting a new exercise program takes time to get used to and to see results. Be patient with yourself and stick with it!  

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