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Favorite workout gear

I have so much workout gear, but only a few are my absolute favorites. Some of those are these pictured above. Some things include stuff for me and for Sophia since she's my little workout partner and pretends to do little exercises with me.

-Sports bra. I love having a good supporting sports bra for my extra girls. Especially while I'm running or doing any kind of cardio. This one specifically. Its so comfortable and stretchy, but very supportive.
-Running shoes. You need really good running shoes. I've got two good pairs of work out shoes. One pair for running, and another pair for normal exercise.
-Workout clothes. Any workout clothes helps, as long as you get good air flow, its comfortable, and you can move around easily in them. Workout clothes always encourages me to exercise. And buying new clothes makes me want to actually put them to good use. That can be very dangerous sometimes haha
-Ipod/Cell phone strap holder. I need my music while I run or exercise. Who doesn't?
-Water bottle. Yes, hydration is number 1 key to staying healthy. And you need to stay hydrated while you're burning fat and sweating. I love me some water.
-Sunblock. For Sophia and I. We both always put sunblock on our faces before hitting the outdoors.
-Sunglasses. This is for Sophia. She loves her sunnies and I love being able to protect her beautiful eyes.

What's your favorite workout gear?? Have a fabulous weekend!! xoxo

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