Bianca Lively: Valentine's Day Weekend


Valentine's Day Weekend

Valentine's Day weekend was full of throw up, Chinese food, no sleep and Palm Springs. It was a pretty eventful weekend actually. We had planned a one night getaway to Vegas, my mom was going to babysit for us and then last minute I just really wasn't feeling it. I miss C so much right now, that I just wanted him to myself and to relax the whole weekend without having to party. So we did that. We ordered take-out Chinese food, got a bottle of wine, and some red box movies. It was the PERFECT Valentine's Day. I loved it. 

Then the inevitable happened. C woke up around 2:30am and threw up. He got the worst food poisoning from that Chinese food, and I was glad that the plans for Vegas were cancelled. He would of been uncomfortable and in the bathroom the whole time. We've never been into doing crazy things for Valentine's Day anyway, so I felt like making him a sugar cookies bouquet (you can find the sugar cookie recipe here) and giving him a thoughtful card. I also made a few cookies for my princess. 

Friday night we had my monthly girls night sleepover. Got a few drinks in our systems, hung out by the fire pit and sang karaoke. It was a blast, just like every month. 
Sunday we relaxed all day so that Chris can recover from his sickness Saturday night. And Monday decided to go to Palm Springs for the day to relax by the pool with my whole family. Sophia loved playing in the water.  It ended up being a great weekend after all. :)

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