Bianca Lively: Sophia's 15 Month Update


Sophia's 15 Month Update

I was previously doing monthly updates on Sophia since she was born. I truly enjoy seeing her grow, and being able to document it on Little Mommy Nest. Now that she is a little over a year- 15 months to be exact- a lot has changed with her. She's grown so much in such a few short months, and has learned lots of new words, how to speed walk (almost run), and feed herself with spoons and forks (kind of haha).

Here is a 15 month old update on my princess Sophia.

weight: Sophia is weighing in at 23 lbs now! Such a big girl she is. I love seeing her weight go up as she gets bigger.. Something I'm sure every parent loves to see. I can definitely feel how heavy she is becoming whenever I pick her up after she eats.
sleep: Her sleep has been OUTSTANDING! And I mean like, she is sleeping from 830pm-9am. Its amazing. I finally have my sleep back.

eating: She's loving macaroni and cheese, turkey hot dogs, mexican rice, buttered up vegetables, and bananas! Omg she's a banana girl!!
loves: Sophia loves to take her baths. And she loves to pretend that she's talking on the phone to who knows who.. Maybe its her "papa" (daddy) haha. She enjoys being outdoors all day, and loves playing with the dogs as they run away from her with horror. She still continues to take out all the DVD's from the book shelf, and loves to say "hi!" and wave to every stranger she sees. Cutest thing.  

hates: She hates when we tell her no, but what kid doesn't? She runs off in the opposite direction and gets to a wall and slaps the wall. Haha its the funniest thing ever. And she's not the best fan of veggies, but once I season those bad boys and butter them up, she's golden!
clothes: She's officially in 18 month clothing. And a ton of her clothes have been adorable! I love buying her new clothes and getting her dressed up (on certain days).
favorite toy: A few of her favorite toys are her little cars. She loves getting into her cars and riding around, and pushing her babies in it. She also loves to play with her kitchen and pots and pans. I love watching her play and learn how to do new things as she gets older.

Fun Facts:
12 Months: Walks all over
13 Months: Nods yes and no, top molars came in!
eats more solids. She loves pasta and ravioli
14 Months: Bottom molars came in! And she says mama all the time

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