Bianca Lively: Outfit Post: Lemons & Lace


Outfit Post: Lemons & Lace

*First off, sorry for being MIA. This training for C's job is intense and I feel like I barely get anytime to blog since all I wanna do is spend time together as a family. Our time is precious when daddy is home.

The weather has been crazy lately, rain one week, sunny skies the next. I just can't wait for spring to arrive.. Our outfits were inspired by these headbands and Valentines Day.

They're called Mom & Mini Duos! And I couldn't wait to show you all how adorable Lemons & Lace is with all their accessories. Sophia and I have been doing a little matchy-match lately if you haven't already noticed on Instagram. Like a once every few weeks type of thing because I obviously don't own pink tutus, Freshly Picked Moccassins, and tights with bright colored hearts all over them.. Although I wouldn't mind a pair or two of each of these haha.. What happened to me?! I used to hate pink, girlie things, and glitter all together. But the older Sophia gets, the more I'm sooo into it.. Ah! Save me from the PINK TUTUS! SAVVVVEEE ME..Okay, maybe not.. 

I hope you enjoyed this outfit post, because Lemons & Lace was kind enough to give my readers this 15% off coupon code off your entire purchase! All you have to do is add the code: "mommynest15" to the coupon code section during your checkout and you're golden! Spring is almost here!

Headbands: Mom & Mini Headband of Choice 
(Turban & Kids Retro)

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