Bianca Lively: 10 Facts About ME Being A Stay-At-Home Mom


10 Facts About ME Being A Stay-At-Home Mom

Being a stay at home mom, has been extremely rewarding for me. I used to always be on the go- full time student, working two jobs and still managing to go to the gym. Before Sophia was born, I always told myself that I would continue to be the busy bee that I was, but boy did that change as soon as I saw that cute little human that was oh so gentle and innocent. C and I felt that I should stay home and we figure things out with one income. We love it this way. Of course, being home has its flaw and every parent can relate to feeling stressed and tired being home all day long with kids.

So here I wanted to share 10 facts about ME being a stay-at-home mom, and that no, I don't always have it "together" like you may think.. 

*Beware, this is as raw as it's gonna get. Cell phone pictures and all. 

1. Not laughing when I'm trying to discipline Sophia. I just can't not laugh when she imitates me.. She throws food on the floor and I say "Sophia, don't do that please, that's Sophia's, yum yumm" And she goes "yum yum" raising her little eyebrows up and down like mine. lol 

2. Having to get out of the house and just wishing every store, restaurant, and doctors offices had some sort of drive-thru.. Especially when Sophia falls asleep in the car and I have to carry that heavy carseat in and out from place to place.. Its a workout out I tell ya.

3. The last time I mopped the floor was about umm a month ago? I tend to just wipe things up as I go..

4. I feed sophia mac and cheese, plain ravioli, turkey dogs, grayem crackers and banana almost 
everyday. I just really don't have the patience to fight with her on veggies or meats. I really need to get more creative in the kitchen for her..She's just way too picky man. Oh, she does like pancakes and eggs!

5. When I say I wear my pajamas all day, everyday. I mean it. If I have to go to the grocery store or run some errands, i'll probably throw some yoga pants on really quick, a hat and running shoes. Don't judge. "i've been working out all day."

6. The laundry piles up higher than my actual laundry basket. Yes, like clothes on the floor and around the basket type of piles. I just put them in the laundry room, and shut the door. It's a step in the right direction though, right?

7. Sophia is in her pajamas all day long just like me. Twinning! And the only time I'll ever change her, is if we go somewhere. Other than that, its pajama day, all day for us. Oh, and those pictures you see of her in cute clothing.. Ya, that was a day full of errands probably, and I felt like if I didn't take pictures of her cuteness, then there would be no evidence of her ever wearing something adorable. So there you have it. Outfit Blogpost-Wink* wink*

8. I live by a routine. And having a routine everyday has helped me so much with raising Sophia. I am a schedule type of mom. And I LOVE it.  Like here, I try to get a workout in during the week and she always seems to take a nap.  (sweaty picture with no make up after a run= lots of filters)

9. When Sophia naps, I definitely relax. Ha, you probably thought I was going to say that I try to get everything done while I can right? But negative. I totally 100% take advantage and do absolutely nothing while she naps.. Some days (more than others) I'll workout or eat or something. ;) 

10. When I know daddy will be home, I quickly pick EVERYTHING up and put it away. It's like the fastest cleaning I do during the day. Dishes go in the dish washer, counters get wiped super fast, Sophia's toys go where they belong, and I shut the laundry room door. He will never know how disastrous our house gets while he's working… If you know him, you know he would probably have a heart attack if he saw the house a crazy mess. oh well.. Babe:"what did you guys do today?" Me:"oh we hung out, went for a walk, the store, cleaned, worked out…hung out.. ya know?.. The usual."

-How do you spend your days at home if you're a stay-at-home mommy. Or better yet, if you're a working momma, how do you manage to be home with your babes, and work? Props to you super moms!

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