Bianca Lively: Texas Part 1: Christmas


Texas Part 1: Christmas

Sophia has lots of rides now

Christmas Morning Snuggles

Opening Gifts In Texas

I feel so behind with my post… I hate this feeling, but here I am! We are so thankful to have been able to spend some of the holidays with my dad and the rest of the family in Texas. He being so far makes it hard to see each other as much as we wish, but visiting for almost two weeks with Sophia and C, made us want to really make more of an effort to vacation and spend more time together no matter the distance. I have a whole family out there, sisters, a mom, aunt, and cousins. There is NO excuse. So one New Years resolution for me: See my family more often. The ones in California, and the ones out of state. 
no matter what. 

We went to Texas on Christmas Day. I went ahead with Sophia alone (I know I'm so crazy), but it was a quick and easy flight.. It was the flight home that was hell. And when I say hell, I mean it. We got there late Christmas Day, and that following morning we celebrated our Christmas by opening up gifts and spending time together. It was perfect!

But first, here is how we spent our Christmas morning back at home. For the first time ever, we stayed home. And truthfully, it was SO NICE… We love our family, tremendously. But since I was flying out mid day to Texas, we felt that staying home would be best so that we weren't driving so much. Our family came over Christmas Eve and we played games and ate my mother-in-laws delicious pot roast! Then Christmas morning C, Sophia and I woke up alone, and opened up gifts and had a huge fat family breakfast. It was a perfect Christmas morning.
We got to make new family traditions, and make new memories with Sophia. She wasn't too excited about opening gifts. We had to open them up for her and once she saw what was inside she got excited! Next year, she will definitely love to open gifts!  

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