Bianca Lively: Outfit Post: Rain Boots


Outfit Post: Rain Boots

A New Year resolution of mine is to do more outfit post. I absolutely enjoy doing them, so why not? Here is my first of the year! I have been dying for some of these boots. And I finally got my hands on them. Sadly, California hardly had any rain this season.. So I wore these maybe a handful of times.. They're so comfy, easy to put on, and come 1/2 a size bigger in case you like to wearing thick socks like me ;) .  PERFECT for the rain. If only Cali snowed, then i'd really be rocking these badboys the right way- all day, everyday.

Hunter Boots: (Website)
Boots: (Hunter Boots)
Sweatshirt: (Similar)
Scarf: (Here)
Jeans: (Here)
Socks I got as a gift- the closest I can find are (here)

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