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Our Weekend

I feel like we've had 80,000 weddings this past year, and now we're starting the year off with another. C had off the whole weekend, so we caught up on running errands, and having some much needed time together before his next training week. Saturday we went to one of my cousins beautiful wedding and got to hang out with some family that I haven't seen in years! If you only knew how much food they served.. And the fact that they handed out togo boxes for everyone was the best! SO MUCH FOOD. Oh and I forgot to mention, we ate with chopsticks. And we all know how amazingly easy it is to eat with those.. lol Thank goodness they had forks for slow people like me.

Even though C would fall asleep on me, we would relax on the couch and watch our recorded shows once Sophia got put to bed. I have to admit though, I got lucky with having a man that will watch girlie television shows with me.. Shh, don't tell him I said that. I also got to decorate for Valentines Day with Sophia. She helped mommy by placing all her babies (stuffed animals) by the fire place.

And lastly, a dear friend of mine asked if i'd take some pregnancy announcement photos for her.. And since I just couldn't resist seeing her little baby bump, I said yes! They're going on 5 kids, and are so happy and in love with one another. Speaking of pregnancy, C and I have been talking about trying for baby Germ #2! And even though I was ready when Sophia hit 6 months, i'm even more ready now and can't wait for Sophia to have a little sibling friend to play with everyday!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Happy Monday!

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