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Off Track

This past week I've been way off track. C started a new training with his job, and its honestly made us both so exhausted.  He's gone training all day long and only home with us (awake) for about an hour. And me, well I'm just tired from being home all day chasing a little toddler around. She definitely keeps me on my toes now that she's on the go, it's the cutest thing. 

C's training will last about 6 months, and it is just a lot of hard work.. I try my hardest to make sure he has dinner on the table and doesn't have to do much when he gets home so that he can spend more time with us. And any chance we get for a family date night, we take it!

But next time, we'll stick to sushi for just mommy and daddy.. Lets just say, their were flying chopsticks and sticky rice EVERYWHERE. And since we knew we would hardly see him throughout the week, I figured i'd renew my Disneyland pass (which I did get for my birthday and squealed with excitement.)  

Sophia is free for another year or two, so why not?! We've gone two times this month, and I absolutely LOVEEEE taking her. Now that she's a little older she dances to the music, looks at all the characters with excitement, eats big people food, and I mean guys.. its priceless and so adorable
My mother-in-law is sweet enough to watch my babe from time to time so that I can go to Disneyland with adults and have "adult time". It's nice. And getting a cold one or two while in California Adventure is nice too. ;) 
Hope you've all been enjoying your week! The weekend is coming up and I can't wait! I've been in the process of organizing and decorating Sophia's playroom. Pictures to come soon! I hope.. 

And one last thing, this little mama has been giving kisses left and right! It is the freakin cutest thing EVER. 
My heart skips a beat or two every single time.

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