Bianca Lively: January 2015


Our Weekend

I feel like we've had 80,000 weddings this past year, and now we're starting the year off with another. C had off the whole weekend, so we caught up on running errands, and having some much needed time together before his next training week. Saturday we went to one of my cousins beautiful wedding and got to hang out with some family that I haven't seen in years! If you only knew how much food they served.. And the fact that they handed out togo boxes for everyone was the best! SO MUCH FOOD. Oh and I forgot to mention, we ate with chopsticks. And we all know how amazingly easy it is to eat with those.. lol Thank goodness they had forks for slow people like me.

Even though C would fall asleep on me, we would relax on the couch and watch our recorded shows once Sophia got put to bed. I have to admit though, I got lucky with having a man that will watch girlie television shows with me.. Shh, don't tell him I said that. I also got to decorate for Valentines Day with Sophia. She helped mommy by placing all her babies (stuffed animals) by the fire place.

And lastly, a dear friend of mine asked if i'd take some pregnancy announcement photos for her.. And since I just couldn't resist seeing her little baby bump, I said yes! They're going on 5 kids, and are so happy and in love with one another. Speaking of pregnancy, C and I have been talking about trying for baby Germ #2! And even though I was ready when Sophia hit 6 months, i'm even more ready now and can't wait for Sophia to have a little sibling friend to play with everyday!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Happy Monday!


Off Track

This past week I've been way off track. C started a new training with his job, and its honestly made us both so exhausted.  He's gone training all day long and only home with us (awake) for about an hour. And me, well I'm just tired from being home all day chasing a little toddler around. She definitely keeps me on my toes now that she's on the go, it's the cutest thing. 

C's training will last about 6 months, and it is just a lot of hard work.. I try my hardest to make sure he has dinner on the table and doesn't have to do much when he gets home so that he can spend more time with us. And any chance we get for a family date night, we take it!

But next time, we'll stick to sushi for just mommy and daddy.. Lets just say, their were flying chopsticks and sticky rice EVERYWHERE. And since we knew we would hardly see him throughout the week, I figured i'd renew my Disneyland pass (which I did get for my birthday and squealed with excitement.)  

Sophia is free for another year or two, so why not?! We've gone two times this month, and I absolutely LOVEEEE taking her. Now that she's a little older she dances to the music, looks at all the characters with excitement, eats big people food, and I mean guys.. its priceless and so adorable
My mother-in-law is sweet enough to watch my babe from time to time so that I can go to Disneyland with adults and have "adult time". It's nice. And getting a cold one or two while in California Adventure is nice too. ;) 
Hope you've all been enjoying your week! The weekend is coming up and I can't wait! I've been in the process of organizing and decorating Sophia's playroom. Pictures to come soon! I hope.. 

And one last thing, this little mama has been giving kisses left and right! It is the freakin cutest thing EVER. 
My heart skips a beat or two every single time.


Outfit Post: Denim Twins

When did my babe get so big?! I still can't believe she's officially a toddler. I felt like being twins the other day. And what better way than to match everything?! We had the striped tees, ripped jeans, white coats, and leopard print head bands… Except the shoes, I guess I could of gotten some gold heels or something, but I didn't wanna take the focus away from my little. I mean, look at her! She's so beautiful. Maybe the matching shoes can be another post. ;) hmm ideas..

These Dudley Denim jeans are the cutest! I found Courtney on Instagram, and have been following her for the longest time. I finally got a pair of jeans for Sophia and couldn't wait a minute longer to try them on her. They fit perfect! They aren't stiff and rough like typical jeans, they're actually stretchy, soft and easy to play in. Thank you Courtney! Your jeans are awesome, and I can't wait to get some more. Sophia's a styling little babe!

Sophias Outfit:
Bows: Claire's
Striped Tee: Similar
Vest: Carter's
Jeans: Dudley Denim

My Outfit:
Headband: Claire's 
Shirt: Similar
Jacket: Similar
Jeans: Lucky Brand
Sandals: DSW


Outfit Post: Rain Boots

A New Year resolution of mine is to do more outfit post. I absolutely enjoy doing them, so why not? Here is my first of the year! I have been dying for some of these boots. And I finally got my hands on them. Sadly, California hardly had any rain this season.. So I wore these maybe a handful of times.. They're so comfy, easy to put on, and come 1/2 a size bigger in case you like to wearing thick socks like me ;) .  PERFECT for the rain. If only Cali snowed, then i'd really be rocking these badboys the right way- all day, everyday.

Hunter Boots: (Website)
Boots: (Hunter Boots)
Sweatshirt: (Similar)
Scarf: (Here)
Jeans: (Here)
Socks I got as a gift- the closest I can find are (here)


Texas Part 2: Another Year Wiser

Dads birthday, loving Sophia

My family in Texas

My sisters

I can't believe I'm 26 years young! It was fun being able to spend time with my family in Texas for the first time in 15 years! I hate that we all live so far.. If you didn't already know, my birthday is on New Years day, and its always been an amazing day. A great reason to celebrate times 2! My parents were originally going to host a big New Years party at there home, but since we were all sick with the flu, the party got canceled, and we spent it alone as a family playing games, drinking a little and dancing. It couldn't have been better. 
A few days later it was my dads birthday (our birthdays are 2 days apart!). So we went to The Stockyards which is a really cool cowboy town with shops, petting zoos, mazes and yummy fried pickles! The weather was finally perfect to be out and about since we were all feeling better. So we took some family photos at a local park, and my dad BBQed some wings (yum) we sang happy birthday, drank and sat by the fire. We laughed and talked the rest of the night. It was such a blast! Then we sadly had to leave two days later. It was such a quick visit -so it felt like.. 12 days went by extremely fast. We played boards games almost every night, watched tv, hung out in our pajamas all day and ate ate ate. It was the best spending time with my family. They all LOVE Sophia so much… She was either carried, or played with the whole trip.. It was a sadden teary eyed goodbye... 

Texas Part 1: Christmas

Sophia has lots of rides now

Christmas Morning Snuggles

Opening Gifts In Texas

I feel so behind with my post… I hate this feeling, but here I am! We are so thankful to have been able to spend some of the holidays with my dad and the rest of the family in Texas. He being so far makes it hard to see each other as much as we wish, but visiting for almost two weeks with Sophia and C, made us want to really make more of an effort to vacation and spend more time together no matter the distance. I have a whole family out there, sisters, a mom, aunt, and cousins. There is NO excuse. So one New Years resolution for me: See my family more often. The ones in California, and the ones out of state. 
no matter what. 

We went to Texas on Christmas Day. I went ahead with Sophia alone (I know I'm so crazy), but it was a quick and easy flight.. It was the flight home that was hell. And when I say hell, I mean it. We got there late Christmas Day, and that following morning we celebrated our Christmas by opening up gifts and spending time together. It was perfect!

But first, here is how we spent our Christmas morning back at home. For the first time ever, we stayed home. And truthfully, it was SO NICE… We love our family, tremendously. But since I was flying out mid day to Texas, we felt that staying home would be best so that we weren't driving so much. Our family came over Christmas Eve and we played games and ate my mother-in-laws delicious pot roast! Then Christmas morning C, Sophia and I woke up alone, and opened up gifts and had a huge fat family breakfast. It was a perfect Christmas morning.
We got to make new family traditions, and make new memories with Sophia. She wasn't too excited about opening gifts. We had to open them up for her and once she saw what was inside she got excited! Next year, she will definitely love to open gifts!  

Third Times A Charm?

We're sick once again, for the third time this winter. This time it being the worst sickness of all times. And Sophia still so little, had me worried. She had a high fever, runny nose and couldn't keep anything down, not even water. So to the E.R. we went. She ended up having pneumonia.. Made me really sad. Everyone just had coughs, chills and runny noses, but not my princess. I felt so bad for her.. Cuddles, cuddles and more cuddles. We came to visit my dad and the rest of the family in Texas for the holidays, and with tons of plans to go see and do things around town, staying in while everyone got better was what we had to do after all. But it's definitely been nice having my dad to take care of us! He even made this yummy soup out of fish! Yum!
Sorry for falling off the face of the planet! It's been a crazy week of germs and holidays! Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and New Years! Waiting to get home in a few days to upload all our holiday pictures, outfit post and more! Gonna start up this new year with lots of outfit post, recipes, and much more! Stay tuned readers!! This is the BEST YEAR YET! 
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