Bianca Lively: Tree Farm


Tree Farm

It officially feels like Christmas in our home. 
Growing up as a child, my family would go christmas tree shopping as a tradition. 
That means a real tree every year! When C and I moved in together years ago, 
he was against buying real trees because the maintenance and how expensive they are. 
So, we would always use the same fake Costco tree that we've had for years. 
I told C that once we had kids, that would definitely change and buying 
real trees every year is what we were gonna do as a family tradition. I mean
look at how cute this muffin is?! Why wouldn't you want to buy her a 
real tree?

We decided to go to a christmas tree farm near our house, and it was SO cute. 
Look at my stud muffin using that saw, love him so much.
They had pre-cut trees, which were ridiculously expensive and they also had some that 
you had to cut down yourself for cheap! 
 I hear the rain is coming in.. Finally got myself my Hunter rain boots! LOVE LOVE LOVE. 
The only picture I got of my princess smiling, even though this picture's a little blurry. 

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