Bianca Lively: Our Weekend: The Walking Princess


Our Weekend: The Walking Princess

Sophia is officially on the go. Walking everywhere now rather than crawling. 
This weekend we took it easy besides going to see the christmas lights near our house with Sophia.
It was her first time, and she loved it! I was a little worried about walking them this year 
with her because I thought she'd want to get off her stroller and try to walk around, 
but she did great! We bundled her up and walked the whole way. 

We also have been sleeping 
in past 9am. Can you say miracle?! It's almost like I'm more tired now during the day then 
when I used to get up around 6 with her.. I don't know what's better, waking up at 6
and not being tired during the day, or sleeping in till 9-10 and being so tired! hmm I don't 
win either way… lol 

And lastly, C got to put Sophia's kitchen together! My dad and mom in Texas got this for her
for her birthday, and it's the cutest kitchen i've ever seen. LOVE it. And she cooks and plays
all day long. See her pushing the microwave buttons? haha

Happy Tuesday! 

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