Bianca Lively: Day Off For Mom & Dad


Day Off For Mom & Dad

C finally had a full day off from work this weekend. The option of cleaning all day 
and meal prepping was out of the question. Knotts Berry Farm is free this 
month for all law enforcement and military families. So we took advantage of 
having dad and went! The weather's been perfect, the rain had stopped, 
and we thought getting out of the house together would be fun. 

 Seriously, how cute is Sophia?! She llloooved Santa.

 I pulled a fast one for this picture. I thought the set up was adorable! So I had C 
prop Sophia on the "snow" even though the sign said "Do Not Touch Display". Opps.
 A boysenberry funnel cake!? WITH ice cream? Sign me up, twice!

Happy Weekend!

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