Bianca Lively: December 2014


Just Two Days Away

Christmas is just TWO DAYS away! Now, is it just me or did this year fly by? 
It still feels like yesterday that I had Sophia, and now she's a one year old and going on her second 
Christmas! She probably won't have that much fun opening gifts this year, 
but next year is the year she will be loving every minute of. I can't wait to start these 
new traditions as a family.. Since i'm flying out of town Christmas night, we figured we 
would stay home for the first time ever. It's going to be one of the first holidays where 
we don't have to drive for hours and travel to see our family. We get to stay home 
and wake up in our home finally! A big Christmas breakfast, music, gifts, 
and spending time together all day long is the plan. I. CAN'T. WAIT. 

This past weekend we didn't do anything crazy since we are just now feeling better 
from a really bad flu we all had…Our neighbors dragged us out to celebrate a new job 
opportunity for C, we wrapped up some gifts on Saturday, and met a girlfriend of mine
for lunch with her baby girl and Sophia on Sunday. They were the cutest sitting in those high 
chairs across the table from each other. Love them.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas with family and friends! And don't forget
the reason for this season! Him. 


Our Weekend: The Walking Princess

Sophia is officially on the go. Walking everywhere now rather than crawling. 
This weekend we took it easy besides going to see the christmas lights near our house with Sophia.
It was her first time, and she loved it! I was a little worried about walking them this year 
with her because I thought she'd want to get off her stroller and try to walk around, 
but she did great! We bundled her up and walked the whole way. 

We also have been sleeping 
in past 9am. Can you say miracle?! It's almost like I'm more tired now during the day then 
when I used to get up around 6 with her.. I don't know what's better, waking up at 6
and not being tired during the day, or sleeping in till 9-10 and being so tired! hmm I don't 
win either way… lol 

And lastly, C got to put Sophia's kitchen together! My dad and mom in Texas got this for her
for her birthday, and it's the cutest kitchen i've ever seen. LOVE it. And she cooks and plays
all day long. See her pushing the microwave buttons? haha

Happy Tuesday! 


Vlog: What's In My Diaper Bag?

"What's in MY Diaper Bag"
I hope I can help some of you with some ideas on what I carry in my diaper bag
now that Sophia is 1 year old. Video below! ;) 

Changing Pad-(similar here)
Diaper Bag-(similar here)
Sweatshirt-(similar here)

*This post contains affiliate links from which I could receive a small commission if you sign-up. Regardless, I stand behind all of these products and services and truly believe they are essential in helping to build Little Mommy Nest. Thank you for supporting me! xo


Tree Farm

It officially feels like Christmas in our home. 
Growing up as a child, my family would go christmas tree shopping as a tradition. 
That means a real tree every year! When C and I moved in together years ago, 
he was against buying real trees because the maintenance and how expensive they are. 
So, we would always use the same fake Costco tree that we've had for years. 
I told C that once we had kids, that would definitely change and buying 
real trees every year is what we were gonna do as a family tradition. I mean
look at how cute this muffin is?! Why wouldn't you want to buy her a 
real tree?

We decided to go to a christmas tree farm near our house, and it was SO cute. 
Look at my stud muffin using that saw, love him so much.
They had pre-cut trees, which were ridiculously expensive and they also had some that 
you had to cut down yourself for cheap! 
 I hear the rain is coming in.. Finally got myself my Hunter rain boots! LOVE LOVE LOVE. 
The only picture I got of my princess smiling, even though this picture's a little blurry. 


Semester Is Over

Finally, my last final of the semester is done! And this mama can finally enjoy her time off. 
My plans during winter break are to spend lots of time with Sophia and C. 
The holidays are super special to me now because I have a child that makes it that much 
more fun. Now, it's time to put up some christmas lights, buy our christmas tree, and 
bake bake bake! 
I made these yummy treats the other day. They were SO good, and stupid me only 
made 6 small ones. I should of made the 12-16 that the directions said… 
Oh well, next time! You can find them here.


Day Off For Mom & Dad

C finally had a full day off from work this weekend. The option of cleaning all day 
and meal prepping was out of the question. Knotts Berry Farm is free this 
month for all law enforcement and military families. So we took advantage of 
having dad and went! The weather's been perfect, the rain had stopped, 
and we thought getting out of the house together would be fun. 

 Seriously, how cute is Sophia?! She llloooved Santa.

 I pulled a fast one for this picture. I thought the set up was adorable! So I had C 
prop Sophia on the "snow" even though the sign said "Do Not Touch Display". Opps.
 A boysenberry funnel cake!? WITH ice cream? Sign me up, twice!

Happy Weekend!


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2014 Stocking Stuffers: Toddler | Mom | Dad

Its December! And if you're like me, you've been thinking so hard about what to 
get people for Christmas, or not haha. Sophia was so little last year that we didn't really 
need to get her anything crazy for Christmas, but this year I really want to start getting 
our family traditions down and get her a few Christmas gifts!

Here are a few stocking stuffers for toddlers, moms and dads! 

1.Bottle Opener | 2.Candy | 3.Razors
4.Tie | 5.Cologne

Hope these help just a little bit, Happy Holidays readers!
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