Bianca Lively: Sophia Turns One!


Sophia Turns One!

Sophia's Donut & Ice Cream themed birthday was a huge success!
 I'll let the pictures do the talking this time around though.. 
Be prepared for photo post OVERLOAD! 

We just wanna say thank you so much! To every single one of you that showed up to Sophia's very first birthday! Although she is little and won't remember this day, I know she will greatly appreciate all these pictures when she gets older and see that all of you love her very much. We had a blast and wouldn't have done it any other way. 
Also, a special thanks to California Donuts for the 5 plus dozen donuts and the special 8x8 order that we got for our donut bar, Freshly Picked for her beautiful special edition moccasins, and many more sponsors that helped make this birthday successful. We love you Sophia!!! You're officially a toddler!

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