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Party Of Two: Reality

A while back C had gotten hurt and was able to stay home for 10 months.
Now, I have to admit that having him home everyday for the first few months was absolutely 
amazing. It was a families dream come true. 
Sophia was only 2 months old and daddy got to spend
every single day with her till she turned 1. He watched her grow, he taught her a lot, 
watched her learn, and best of all, Sophia experienced life with her mommy and daddy every day together. 
Happy and in love.....
But, then we got too comfortable together.. To the point that we would annoy each other
for no apparent reason because we were bored. We loved being home with Sophia
even though we would push each other's buttons 99% of the day. The best thing I did for us,
was go back to school. Just to have some space for a few hours..
Now don't get me wrong, he helped me out a lot, but I expected more from him
everyday which isn't fair. Whenever I'd start cleaning and I'd see he
was relaxing, I'd get very upset. Which was partly my fault because instead of asking
for help, id tell him to help. And no one likes being told what to do.
Not me anyway.
The day had come and he went back to work. I couldn't wait to have 
my own routine with Sophia again since we hadn't been able to since she was 2 months..
 I couldn't wait to miss him again. 
Monday came along and I woke up and realized he wasn't next to 
me, I missed him so much already. The week went by and I almost forgot how hard 
it was to be alone with a baby toddler. I didn't have time to shower, eat, and
clean till he got home from work everyday..

This week definitely made me appreciate him so much more for being home. 
It made me think of how grateful and blessed I  truly am for him and how much he actually did help me 
while he was home.. I expected more from him, which isn't right at all..  
And I can't wait for him to come home everyday to us. We love you C. 
Here is a little glimpse of us lately.. In case you forgot haha
Love my handsome hubby 

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