Bianca Lively: Halloween Week: Halloween Night!


Halloween Week: Halloween Night!

Sorry the quality of the photos are crap! It was dark and the lightening was just way off.
Our halloween was so much fun this year since Sophia got to dress up with us. And it being her first halloween ever,
we let her have a little tiny piece of candy for fun…Yes, she cried after we took it Bad on us..
This year we dressed up like the Addams Family! The costume part was easy for Sophia and I.
C's was easy too, just time consuming since he's tall and I had to glue every piece of hair" (yarn) one at a time…
We had a fire pit going in our front yard, had a little potluck, hubby made some yummy chili
and we relaxed and drank a little bit with our close friends and neighbors.
Move on over October, my favorite month of the year (November) is here!

 Wednesday Addams

Cousin It

Morticia Addams
Happy November everyone! 'Tis the season!

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