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Giving Thanks

Oh Turkey Day...

Thanksgiving was so much fun this year. We had my mom over with her boyfriend and my little sister and we did a very big dinner for just us. Turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, stuffing, bread rolls, literally everything you probably had too. This year instead of the traditional cooking in the oven for a few hours, we deep fried our turkey. I was a little "eh" about a deep fried turkey only because I normally get bad stomach aches with fried food, but this turkey was BOMB! I mean look at it!
It was the best turkey I've ever eaten in my whole entire life. Even the white meat was juicy. We found this amazing recipe online and tried it out. We will forever deep fry our turkeys. The next morning we were googling different deep frying ideas so we can put our new deep fryer to good use.. We came up with deep fried fish, deep fried Oreos like at the fair, deep fried burgers.. I can't wait!

The day started out by eating our normal breakfast. I took Sophia and my little sister out for awalk since the weather was beautiful and then came home to cook with my mom while sipping on Riesling. Yum.

We ate dinner, then dessert and crashed on the couch and watched some Christmas movies whe in a food coma half asleep. Perfect Thursday. No Black Friday shopping for us this year! It was actually nice to stay home..
We ended the night with some dessert. Dairy Dairy Dairy!
How was your thanksgiving? Did you go Black Friday shopping?? I'm looking forward to cyber Monday! Happy Friday y'all

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