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Weekend Fun: Moms Birthday

The weekend was here and gone. In a blink of an eye, but this weekend was one for the books!
We spent some time with a few friends and even had a sleep over and bathed the babies together.
They have so much more fun together now that they're mobile. :) cutest thing.
And there baby conversations crack me up. Makes me wonder what they're actually saying.. Lol

I was also honored to take some maternity pictures for my uncle, aunt and my super adorable 
little cousin Ethan, in this woodsy-feel type of place.. The hike to get there wasn't 
my favorite, in the heat, sand with flip-flops on and having to run a mile back and 
forth for cell phone reception so they can find us killed me-overall the location was beautiful! 

And lastly, my moms birthday! She's such a hardworking woman, always making sure my 
siblings are well maintained. So I wanted to do something special for her and drive down 
to visit her. It's hard enough to leave the house for a few hours with Sophia, but definitely 
worth it to see grandma, or "mamy gaby" for her birthday. And daddy got to come along too!! :) 

She didn't want to do anything crazy. So we stayed in our pajamas, ordered takeout and sang to her with
a German chocolate cake. It was awesome and yes, definitely a splurge!!

And best for last, Sophia took her first few steps! We got it on video and photo! So so cute!! Bittersweet.
She's growing up so fast.. Here she is with my brother.. teary eyed momma.

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