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The Perfect Planner

The semester is half way through and I realized I hadn't got my planner yet. 
I needed to buy one, and I needed one now! This class has got me writing notes 
on all pages of my book, my papers, and even on top of my folder! 
I have got to stay organized, and this is not the way to do it.
I love the Planners from Erin Condren, she's got the perfect planners 
for a busy gal/mom/student/wife like me (yes, i'm all of these things), 
also carries on-the-go notebooks, pocket folds to hold loose papers, pens, stickers, 
and labels. Even though they're cute and super adorable, they aren't in my budget. 
$50+ on a planner just wasn't right for me at the moment. 
I knew I needed another one, so I looked and looked EVERYWHERE. 
I Instagram searched, I Pinterest searched, Google and even Etsy. 

And then *angels singing* just like that, I found this company, Plum Paper Designs.
They're just like Erin Condren, but at a much reasonable price. For only $31, shipping not included, I was sold and was in complete happiness and placed an order right away, 
even favorited a few. With a very easy ordering process,
 it made me that much more happy of the chose I made in purchasing my 
new planner with them. 

Here is how easy and cute these are.

The Cover
*You get to choose which cover you want
They have a ton to choose from.
Here are a few that I picked and love.
*You also choose how you want your name written out
If you want all capital letters or all lower case. YOU choose.
It's yours and its awesome!

The Inside
*You pick the way you want the inside to be organized
by choosing a weekly spread option.
They give you 4 different options. I went with Option 1.
Having my days separated with Mornings, Afternoons, and Evenings
just fit my lifestyle better.
-Workouts in the Morning
-Errands/Playtimes in the Afternoon
-Studying/School in the Evenings.

*They give you a Notes & Extras Page where 
you can add your contacts, lined paper and blank paper
for those quick write down notes.
And it also has a Holidays Page. Because you know 
us moms tend to forget everything. Even the holidays sadly..

*The Monthly Spread is also perfect in this planner.
It gives you the whole month in two side by side sheets.
With a side space for Birthdays, Events, and Notes. 
And the monthly colored tabs on each month make it super 
convenient and easy to flip to the month. 

*But wait, there is more!
You get this new double-sided pocket 
where you can hold any loose papers, and notes, cards
or anything you want! 

This is the perfect planner! And the fact that I can order it to start 
the year with the month of my choice, made it that much more better.
Let me know if you get yours! I'd love to hear your feedback! 

*This is not a sponsored post. And Plum Paper Designs did NOT pay me to write this post nor did they give me a free planner to do so. 
I’m writing this because I’ve been really happy with mine experience in purchasing mine and can't wait for it to arrive. Hopefully some 
of you will find this to be a great alternative to all other expensive Planners out there.

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