Bianca Lively: Teeth!



I can not believe how fast Sophia's teeth are coming in!! Being 10 months old (going on 11),
I thought she was never gonna start teething. It was an over night thing too, one night she
was slobbering like crazy, everywhere. Her shirts have never been so wet.
Bibs were her go-to outfits for a while. I knew once babies started teething, they would have
lots of saliva, fevers, discomfort, etc.. But she actually handled it well! Like I said,
it was an over night type of deal, and the next morning she had 2 going on 3 teeth!
I was one proud momma. She has very little teething toys, a few are the typical
freezer kind which she doesn't like for some reason.

But then I found these teethers above from Bannor Toys, they've got an AWESOME
collection if you haven't already seen them yet. From teethers, to rattles and learning toys!
I can't wait to get my hands on some of these. I know my newly teething monster would
love them!
Sorry for the bad quality in her picture! It's hard to get her to smile for the camera 

Thanks for stopping by!

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