Bianca Lively: Halloween Week: Pumpkin Carving


Halloween Week: Pumpkin Carving

Can you guess which ones mine?? I'll give y'all a hint, its a face.. hahah
Anyway, I'm so excited that halloween falls on a friday this year,
more weekend fun for all of us right?!
We decided to do some pumpkin carving with a few friends yesterday.
We got a few pumpkins, did some painting and carving
with a couple brews in hand and pizza. It was a blast!
Halloween is tomorrow and its supposed to rain! lame..
But that's not stopping us from getting dressed!

What are you dressing up as?
What are your plans?
I can't wait to take Sophia trick-or-treating!
And I especially can't wait to show y'all our costumes!!

I decided to let Sophia get down and dirty with some edible finger painting! Looks like fun, and really messy! She loved it!! I'm going to definitely make more finger paint in a few weeks and have her go to town on a canvas!

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