Bianca Lively: Eleven Months With Sophia


Eleven Months With Sophia

First off, I am so sad at the thought that this is our last monthly post of my princess… I feel like she will still have all these new things happening in her life as she grows that I'd want to share with y'all, but I know I'll be able to post many many things about her as she gets bigger and does big girl things. SO happy and proud of myself and my hubby for raising such a beautiful baby girl for 11 months! I love you sophia! We're going to have a 1 year old next month!! WAAAAAH!!! 

Weight: My baby girl probably weighs about 20+ lbs. Haven't been able to weigh her yet. I'l have to try to weigh her on my personal scale. But sometimes I don't feel it's that accurate with a baby. 
Sleep: Her sleep is back to normal. It was off for a few weeks since she was teething, she was such a great and easy teether by the way. We honestly got lucky. Like really. She wakes up once, and thats around 430-6am. And she's ready for the day, but mom and dad like to bring her in bed with us and we let her sleep a few extra hours because we're still tired.. Don't judge you know you do it too. ;)
Eating: Her eating is still on point. 3 solids a day with 7-8ounce bottles in between. She's finally starting to eat more solid foods. For example we gave her a cheddar cheese stick, and she knobbed on that thing like there was no tomorrow. She loves cheese! We also gave her a little bit of bbq chicken (loved that!) and some fruit. She's doing great now that she knows to bite into things with her two front teeth!
Diapers: Moved into size 4. Thinking of trying the Honest Company though.. I heard they can be a bit expensive, but I love the fact that they have no fragrances, eco-friendly, and the designs on them are SO CUTE!!! I think thats what sold me more to be honest. haha
Clothing: She is size 12-18 month clothing. 12 month fit her perfect before being washed, and 18 months fit her loose still. So she's between 12-18 months at the moment. 
Mood: Her moods are still up and bright. She's happy, funny, curious, and loves to play with her dogs (roxee and coco). 
Loves: She loves that she can stand herself up now while holding on to things. Only thing thats a little difficult for her, is getting back down. She has some trouble so mom and dad come to the rescue with helping her. Loves playing peak-a-boo! And also learned to do it herself. She covers her little face with a bib or blanket, and does it! It's adorable. 
Doesn't love: what she doesn't love… hmm there isn't much this girl doesn't love.. I'll have to get back to you on that. haha
What I want to remember: I want to remember how she finally says "mom, momma, mommy". It MELTS MY HEART! Although she probably doesn't know how to put two and two together, the fact that she's actually saying it makes me happy. She also loves to nod her head to music. We play music and she nods. And I know this is probably not something to want to remember, but I want to remember how she first started saying "no" by nodding her head from side to side when she's full. SO cute! I also want to remember how she knows to use her walker as support to walk around. She stands behind her walker, holds onto the little support bar, and walks! ALONE!!! It made us so happy! And lastly, she stood up alone on September 29th for about 30-45 seconds! No hands, no nothing! Just stood and had her hands up in the air! I quickly grabbed my phone for a video. And then she fell. Poor baby. Trial and error.

September 29th Stood alone for the first time!!! 
October 3rd-6th Got 2 more teeth!! woohoo!

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